Friday, August 26, 2011

Surgery Is Scheduled

It's me.... Joey!

My surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon. I have to go to the hospital on Monday though to get an IV with medicine. The vet is hoping that it will knock out any remaining infection. I am not exactly sure when I will be coming home, but it may be a week after the surgery. They want to give me as much time as possible to heal before I head home. I will have to use a sling to walk once I get home and I will have to be crated unless I'm doing my "business". :::sigh::: I dread that part of it. I have just started feeling good recently and it will be sad not to feel good. I know though that once I get through this, life will be good. I will show Scout what a real racing greyhound looks like when we run in the yard.

I think Daddy is going to take me to the vet on Monday because Mama said she will be too sad to take me and she doesn't want to cry in front of everyone. She said she will be there with Daddy when it comes time to pick me up though.

I have a question for all of you. I get to take a blanket and a stuffy with me. Should I let Mama use my blanket for a few nights to get her smell on it or would it be better if it just had my smell on it? I'm not sure which way would make me feel the best.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Grandma came over today with treats for us. She said she wanted to make sure I got my fair share before I went into the hospital. She knows how Scout is with treats. She bought them at Trader Joe's and they are so good!

Scout said she will let everyone know how I am doing. Surgery is not until Wednesday afternoon, so there will be an update after that for sure.

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