Thursday, August 18, 2011

Joey Is Talented

Mama said she made a mistake by giving Joey the peanut butter jar. Why?

Shortly after he played with the peanut butter jar, Mama caught him with a glass of milk. Mama had her glass of milk on the end table. It was in a tall Tupperware glass. He took it off the end table while Mama was out of the room and sat down on the floor and started drinking out of it. He never spilled a drop. Mama didn't yell at him because she was shocked. However, he did get in trouble later in the night when he tried to steal a glass of iced tea.

We've been having a little more fun together since we got home from camping. The other day, Mama called the vet's office and while she was talking to the receptionist, Joey and I started running through the house. It was so much fun that I started barking. It's all about timing. If you know your Mama can't get to you fast, you can get away with a few things. Joey is not supposed to run at all, but he breaks out into a run in the house from time to time and Mama has to catch him. It's pretty funny to watch.

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