Saturday, November 28, 2015

Yes, This Is California, But.....

It is freezing. That's right, it was 30 degrees last night.  I even wore my coat this morning.  I feel silly wearing a coat because only the little dogs wear coats here. Mom reminded me that the race horses next to us wear coats, so that made me feel a little better. The lady in the office said I looked cute and she invited me over for an early morning treat.  She told me to come back this afternoon for my regular one. 

I always leave my tongue out when it is cold outside.

The poor trees dropped their leaves last night.

Yesterday, the folks drove 1.5 hours to a Camping World. It is about an hour away but traffic was bad.  They got there and it was closed.  They have shopped at Camping Worlds on past Black Fridays, so they were surprised it was closed.  What retail store is closed on Black Friday?  They were not the only ones who expected it to be open.

Mom and I are hanging out together while Dad is at work.  It is too cold for her to ride Buddy today.  She said we need to clean the RV.  I think that is just silly.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Cleaning Is A Waste Of Time

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a cold start to the morning.  Mom decided to see if our electric heater could keep us warm on a cold night.  She is trying to conserve the propane.  Well, it didn't work very well.  It was 56 inside and 32 or 33 outside.  Tonight, she will use the propane.  It took about an hour to get it warm inside. 

Mom has joined the adult coloring craze.  This was her first attempt at a detailed one.  She used glitter gel pens on this one.  You can't see the glitter here, but in person it looks pretty neat.  She normally uses colored pencils.

The lady in the office gave me two treats yesterday.  She said they are closed today, so one was for yesterday and the other one was for today.  Mom baked a pumpkin pie yesterday.  I thought I might get a taste of that, but she only gave me some whipped topping.  Mmmmmm.... I love whipped topping.

This is my spot in front of the office.  I think it is rude that I have to move when someone comes by to check-in.

The folks have reservations at Black Angus Steak House for dinner.  They have a Thanksgiving meal for $19.99 a person.  That is not bad considering some places are charging $75 a person.  Yikes!  They have reservations for three and I thought the third one was for me, but it's not.  It is for a guy that Dad knows from work.  He is away from home too and doesn't have family here.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. We hope you are wearing roomy pants, and if not, we hope you don't pop any buttons.  BOL   Mom told Grandma that she hopes her turkey popper pops and the sweet potatoes stay flame-free.  BOL  Yep, we have had some mishaps on past Thanksgivings. 

The Greyhound Who Hopes His Mom Remembers To Sneak Him Some Leftovers From The Restaurant

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

An Attitude Adjustment?

Mom says I have an attitude and it needs to be adjusted.

Does this look like I have an attitude?
Well, if I do, it is her fault.  It all started on Sunday when the folks started preparing the RV to move it.  No one told me about a move!  Normally I am very excited about it, but I like it here and I did not want to move.  Where will I get my daily treats and lovings?  Mom took me for a walk and do you know what I did?  I marked my outside bed.  Yep, I showed her, don't you think?  I refused to go back inside until she forced me and when it was time to ride the slide (laying on the couch as the slide comes in), I did not enjoy it.  Nope, I put my head down and gave her a stink-eye.  It turns out that we just moved to the next site.  We did not actually leave the park. We did have to back out and then circle the area to get into our new site.   I do not like the site though.  I keep going back to our old site, but now someone else has moved into that site.  :::sigh:::  I have been in a "mood" since the move.

The folks tried to make it up to me by taking me to a park for a hike.  I thought I might enjoy that, but there were foxtails, rattlesnakes and mountain lions, so it wasn't much fun.  We didn't actually see the rattlesnakes and mountain lions, but we saw lots of signs warning us.  California is a dangerous place to live, it seems.

These are the only pictures from the park.  I don't even know the name of it and I really don't care.

Yesterday, Mom started knitting me a sweater.  Yikes!  She actually made me stand up to take a measurement.  Why can't she just buy from a store like other Moms? 

We do have an interesting neighbor.  She has parrots.  Those things talk more than Mom. :::snicker::: One day I was outside and the parrot said "HELLO, GOOD-BYE, BUCKLE UP and MOM.  She said they call for their Dad.  They say STEVEN, STEVEN when they think they hear his car.   Most of the time they just make a lot of screaming noises.  I enjoy watching them though. 

This is Giggles.

Well, it is supposed to be a rainy day here, so I guess I will take a nap and see if I wake up with an adjusted attitude.

The Greyhound Who Wouldn't Have An Attitude If People Just Let Him Do What He Wants To Do

Monday, November 23, 2015

She Can't Be Really Gone - Remembering A Friend

This morning, our friend Donna, earned her angel wings.  Donna was married to Mom and Dad's friend, Lee. Lee was a mutual friend of Mom and Dad's in high school.  He actually introduced them. The folks were in his first wedding and he was in theirs.  They lost touch for a few years, but re-connected when he married Donna.  Donna was his soul mate.  She raised his two girls as her own. Mom never heard her say "step daughters", they were HER girls.  They were a family, a very happy family. 

Donna was hospitalized a little over three weeks ago. She was unconscious and I don't know if they knew for sure what was wrong.  There were guesses and treatments, but she did not recover.  She left this earth around 1:30 a.m. surrounded by her family.  The girls have lost their mother and best friend.  Lee has lost his soul mate.  Mom and Dad are both very sad.  Mom said her heart hurts for Lee and the girls.

Even though Donna was sick, it is hard to imagine that she is gone.  Her things are still waiting for her to come home and this song made us think of that.  We hope you can hear the song.

RIP Donna Vickers - you were loved by so many.

Can't Be Really Gone - Lyrics

Her hat is hanging by the door
The one she bought in Mexico
It blocked the wind, it stopped the rain
She'd never leave that one
So, she can't be really gone

The shoes she bought on Christmas Eve
She laughed and said they called her name
It's like they're waiting in the hall
For her to slip them on
So, she can't be really gone

I don't know when she'll come back
She must intend to come back
And I've seen the error of my ways

Don't waste the tears on me
What more proof do you need
Just look around the room
So much of her remains

Her book is lying on the bed
The Two of Hearts to mark her page
Now, who could ever walk away
At chapter twenty-one
So, she can't be really gone

Just look around the room
So much of her remains

Her book is lying on the bed
The Two of Hearts to mark her page
Now, who could ever walk away
With so much left undone
So, she can't be really gone

No, she can't be really gone

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thinking Of Scout On Her Birthday

Today is Scout's birthday.  She would have been ten.  Mom really wanted her to make it to ten, but it wasn't meant to be.  We are thinking of her, but trying not to be sad.  Scout has sent has several signs to let us know she is okay.

Scout would have loved it here.  The people are so nice and they have a treat window at the office.  That's right, the office has a half door and they hand out treats to all the dogs.  Last week, they stood outside and handed out treats.  They give me lots of love and you know, they would have really loved Scout.   

Mom came across a post about Scout last week and it really sums up Scout and her personality.  We should have saved the one with her sunbathing and posted that today instead of this one because that one really made us laugh.  Oh, what the heck!  We are showing that photo again.

Scout was definitely an Eeyore and this post shows it.

It's me, Scout, to tell you all something.  Normally, I walk around like Eeyore.  I drag along without too much enthusiasm.  Mama is always telling me to pick up the pace.  Well, today, I had a pep in my step.  I was a happy girl.  We were all having a great walk.  Do you know what happened?  Joey peed on me!  That's right, he peed on my nose. My pep is now gone.  I don't think it will ever return.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Eeyore Has The Right Outlook On Life

Mom here:  That was not the last time that Scout had a pep in her step even though she probably wouldn't want to admit it.  She did get Joey back just a few days later by peeing on him.  LOL  Scout had a very happy life with us.  She was loved and she knew it.  :-)  Miss you Baby Girl....Mama loves you!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Funny Repeat Post - A Tale Of Two Dogs

Mom just ran across this post and laughed at it.  This is from January 2014.

It is a beautiful day here, but a little chilly in the shade for me. Scout never thinks it is chilly.

The Greyhound Whose Sister Sunbathes Like No One Is Watching

Friday, November 13, 2015

A Tour Of Our CA Campground

We are currently staying in a campground that is part of the fairgrounds.  It is located in town and the people here are very nice.  I get treats from the office ladies and that makes me very happy.  Mom is able to ride Buddy around and that makes her happy. Dad's commute isn't bad, so that makes him happy. We are a happy family.  BOL!

Come on, I will give you a tour of our place!

Our rig.  The orange cones are there because they put a pump in to pump out the water when it rains.  Our area tends to flood, but the pump does a good job.

This is the office.  This is where I get my treats.  There is a dog there now.

This is right outside the campground.  The flags are up for the Good Guys car show that is coming tomorrow.

There are two fields.  I normally walk in those.

A couple of cars parked at the cafe across the street.

The entrance to the campground.

Another view of one of the fields.  The campground is in the background.

A feral cat in the field.

Horses are boarded across the street from us. There is a racetrack too.  We see them running on the track most mornings. It brings back memories of my racing days.

Another view of the hills.

Feral cats in the storage yard.

Palm trees near the storage yard.

I am watching a cat.  I love to watch the cats.


Mom loves the palm trees!

Our rig as seen from outside the campground.

Me at the office giving Mom the stink eye because she says I have to leave.

Port-A-Porties were delivered yesterday for the Good Guy's show. We are not sure why they were delivered to our campground, but they were.

More of our campground.

The RV store and service place that worked on our rig.  They connect to the campground.

An area to sit and drink Coca Cola.
Our area of the campground is fairly empty right now, but we expect it to fill up today for the car show tomorrow.  Mom says it is the calm before the storm.  We are probably going to sit outside and watch all the people come arrive.

The Greyhound Who Hopes You Enjoyed His Tour Today

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jelly Belly Factory Tour

Last week Donna, a friend we made in Chicago a few years ago, told Mom that the Jelly Belly factory was nearby.  Well, you know the folks like factory tours, so they went there on Monday.

Jelly Belly is a jelly bean company that makes jelly beans in all sorts of flavors like buttered popcorn, root beer, cotton candy, watermelon, etc. The company started in Belleville, IL in 1869.  They started making jelly beans in 1960.

Pictures made out of jelly beans.

Visitors are allowed to sample Jelly Belly beans.  Mom tried Dr. Pepper, 7-UP and A&W Cream Soda.

The store.

This case has Ronald Reagan items.  Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans and really helped the company become popular.  About 2.5 tons were shipped to Washington DC for his inauguration in 1981.
 More pictures made from Jelly Belly beans:


The tour is free!  Photos are not allowed in the factory.  The tour takes you through most of the process of making the Jelly Belly beans.  Mom wanted to see the jelly beans actually being made from the start, but they don't show that. The kitchen is pointed out to visitors.  The first time you see jelly beans is when they have their inside.  Visitors are given a sample to try.  It is just the jelly part without the shell. 

The folks enjoyed the tour. Visitors are each given two 1.45 oz packages of Jelly Belly beans to take home. 

101,412 jelly beans are made each day.  It can take 7 to 14 days for a jelly bean to be made.  They cure for a few days.  Very Cherry is the most popular flavor.  Mom likes buttered popcorn the best.

After the tour, the folks decided to eat lunch at the restaurant.  Usually, the restaurants in these type of places are not good, but this one received good reviews.  Mom wanted to have a Jelly Bean shaped hamburger. 

The restaurant.

It kind of looks like a jelly bean.

Mom said the cheeseburger was good.  The fries were not very good.

Look!  They have a motor home!!!
After the tour, the folks went to a place that sells dried fruit and veggies.  They bought some dried veggies, cappuccino almonds and corn nuts.  I haven't been allowed to try any of their purchases.

The Greyhound Who Insists On Seeing The Office Ladies Daily

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