Friday, November 13, 2015

A Tour Of Our CA Campground

We are currently staying in a campground that is part of the fairgrounds.  It is located in town and the people here are very nice.  I get treats from the office ladies and that makes me very happy.  Mom is able to ride Buddy around and that makes her happy. Dad's commute isn't bad, so that makes him happy. We are a happy family.  BOL!

Come on, I will give you a tour of our place!

Our rig.  The orange cones are there because they put a pump in to pump out the water when it rains.  Our area tends to flood, but the pump does a good job.

This is the office.  This is where I get my treats.  There is a dog there now.

This is right outside the campground.  The flags are up for the Good Guys car show that is coming tomorrow.

There are two fields.  I normally walk in those.

A couple of cars parked at the cafe across the street.

The entrance to the campground.

Another view of one of the fields.  The campground is in the background.

A feral cat in the field.

Horses are boarded across the street from us. There is a racetrack too.  We see them running on the track most mornings. It brings back memories of my racing days.

Another view of the hills.

Feral cats in the storage yard.

Palm trees near the storage yard.

I am watching a cat.  I love to watch the cats.


Mom loves the palm trees!

Our rig as seen from outside the campground.

Me at the office giving Mom the stink eye because she says I have to leave.

Port-A-Porties were delivered yesterday for the Good Guy's show. We are not sure why they were delivered to our campground, but they were.

More of our campground.

The RV store and service place that worked on our rig.  They connect to the campground.

An area to sit and drink Coca Cola.
Our area of the campground is fairly empty right now, but we expect it to fill up today for the car show tomorrow.  Mom says it is the calm before the storm.  We are probably going to sit outside and watch all the people come arrive.

The Greyhound Who Hopes You Enjoyed His Tour Today

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