Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jelly Belly Factory Tour

Last week Donna, a friend we made in Chicago a few years ago, told Mom that the Jelly Belly factory was nearby.  Well, you know the folks like factory tours, so they went there on Monday.

Jelly Belly is a jelly bean company that makes jelly beans in all sorts of flavors like buttered popcorn, root beer, cotton candy, watermelon, etc. The company started in Belleville, IL in 1869.  They started making jelly beans in 1960.

Pictures made out of jelly beans.

Visitors are allowed to sample Jelly Belly beans.  Mom tried Dr. Pepper, 7-UP and A&W Cream Soda.

The store.

This case has Ronald Reagan items.  Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans and really helped the company become popular.  About 2.5 tons were shipped to Washington DC for his inauguration in 1981.
 More pictures made from Jelly Belly beans:


The tour is free!  Photos are not allowed in the factory.  The tour takes you through most of the process of making the Jelly Belly beans.  Mom wanted to see the jelly beans actually being made from the start, but they don't show that. The kitchen is pointed out to visitors.  The first time you see jelly beans is when they have their inside.  Visitors are given a sample to try.  It is just the jelly part without the shell. 

The folks enjoyed the tour. Visitors are each given two 1.45 oz packages of Jelly Belly beans to take home. 

101,412 jelly beans are made each day.  It can take 7 to 14 days for a jelly bean to be made.  They cure for a few days.  Very Cherry is the most popular flavor.  Mom likes buttered popcorn the best.

After the tour, the folks decided to eat lunch at the restaurant.  Usually, the restaurants in these type of places are not good, but this one received good reviews.  Mom wanted to have a Jelly Bean shaped hamburger. 

The restaurant.

It kind of looks like a jelly bean.

Mom said the cheeseburger was good.  The fries were not very good.

Look!  They have a motor home!!!
After the tour, the folks went to a place that sells dried fruit and veggies.  They bought some dried veggies, cappuccino almonds and corn nuts.  I haven't been allowed to try any of their purchases.

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