Tuesday, November 24, 2015

An Attitude Adjustment?

Mom says I have an attitude and it needs to be adjusted.

Does this look like I have an attitude?
Well, if I do, it is her fault.  It all started on Sunday when the folks started preparing the RV to move it.  No one told me about a move!  Normally I am very excited about it, but I like it here and I did not want to move.  Where will I get my daily treats and lovings?  Mom took me for a walk and do you know what I did?  I marked my outside bed.  Yep, I showed her, don't you think?  I refused to go back inside until she forced me and when it was time to ride the slide (laying on the couch as the slide comes in), I did not enjoy it.  Nope, I put my head down and gave her a stink-eye.  It turns out that we just moved to the next site.  We did not actually leave the park. We did have to back out and then circle the area to get into our new site.   I do not like the site though.  I keep going back to our old site, but now someone else has moved into that site.  :::sigh:::  I have been in a "mood" since the move.

The folks tried to make it up to me by taking me to a park for a hike.  I thought I might enjoy that, but there were foxtails, rattlesnakes and mountain lions, so it wasn't much fun.  We didn't actually see the rattlesnakes and mountain lions, but we saw lots of signs warning us.  California is a dangerous place to live, it seems.

These are the only pictures from the park.  I don't even know the name of it and I really don't care.

Yesterday, Mom started knitting me a sweater.  Yikes!  She actually made me stand up to take a measurement.  Why can't she just buy from a store like other Moms? 

We do have an interesting neighbor.  She has parrots.  Those things talk more than Mom. :::snicker::: One day I was outside and the parrot said "HELLO, GOOD-BYE, BUCKLE UP and MOM.  She said they call for their Dad.  They say STEVEN, STEVEN when they think they hear his car.   Most of the time they just make a lot of screaming noises.  I enjoy watching them though. 

This is Giggles.

Well, it is supposed to be a rainy day here, so I guess I will take a nap and see if I wake up with an adjusted attitude.

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