Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a cold start to the morning.  Mom decided to see if our electric heater could keep us warm on a cold night.  She is trying to conserve the propane.  Well, it didn't work very well.  It was 56 inside and 32 or 33 outside.  Tonight, she will use the propane.  It took about an hour to get it warm inside. 

Mom has joined the adult coloring craze.  This was her first attempt at a detailed one.  She used glitter gel pens on this one.  You can't see the glitter here, but in person it looks pretty neat.  She normally uses colored pencils.

The lady in the office gave me two treats yesterday.  She said they are closed today, so one was for yesterday and the other one was for today.  Mom baked a pumpkin pie yesterday.  I thought I might get a taste of that, but she only gave me some whipped topping.  Mmmmmm.... I love whipped topping.

This is my spot in front of the office.  I think it is rude that I have to move when someone comes by to check-in.

The folks have reservations at Black Angus Steak House for dinner.  They have a Thanksgiving meal for $19.99 a person.  That is not bad considering some places are charging $75 a person.  Yikes!  They have reservations for three and I thought the third one was for me, but it's not.  It is for a guy that Dad knows from work.  He is away from home too and doesn't have family here.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. We hope you are wearing roomy pants, and if not, we hope you don't pop any buttons.  BOL   Mom told Grandma that she hopes her turkey popper pops and the sweet potatoes stay flame-free.  BOL  Yep, we have had some mishaps on past Thanksgivings. 

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