Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Where Is Our Next Destination? Clue #4

Clue #4

As you can see from the photos, I am not happy with this clue.  I don't care if I am going to ________, I am not wearing this thing.

I don't want to be anywhere near it.

It stinks!

A treat is under it.

I will eat the treat, but I will not wear it.

Mr. Bill is not scared of it.

I don't care if Mr. Bill wore it.  I am not wearing it.

I hope money didn't come out of my treat fund for this stupid hat.

The Greyhound Who Does Not Like Cowboy Hats

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Where Is Our Next Destination? Clue #3

Clue #3

Not This:


The Greyhound Who Will Be Less Than 30 Miles From The Beach

Monday, April 24, 2017

Where Is Our Next Destination? Clue #2

Mom read an article this weekend and it said we needed this for our next destination.  😟

The Greyhound Who Is Not Sure About This New Place

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Where Is Our Next Destination? Clue #1

We thought it might be fun to give you clues of our next destination.

Clue #1 

While we have three AC units, Mom bought this to help us stay cool.

The Greyhound Who Is Wondering If Going Somewhere That Requires A Fan Plus Air Conditioning Is Wise

Friday, April 21, 2017

Almost 5 Years!

Five Years

Next Saturday is our 5th anniversary of hitting the road!  We are leaving this location next Saturday for our next destination.  Where are we going?  Come back next weekend to find out. We also have an exciting announcement to make on our anniversary.

Park News

The pool has finally been emptied and cleaned.  It was looking pretty nasty.  

That is not a cover.  That is what the pool looked like.  It had a thick goo on top. 

New Rugs and Decorations

Our new rugs arrived last weekend.  The folks really like how they look.

This was the before.  This was taken two years ago.  If they were still looking this good, we would have kept them.  They had three years of dirt and sand in them.  They no longer looked nice even after vacuuming.  Whenever we folded them up on travel days, there was a layer of sand under them. 

Here are the new rugs:

Mom added some plants to the kitchen.  She purchased them at Hobby Lobby.  Half off this week.

Food Photos

Since we are leaving the area, the folks have been eating at their favorite places.  These photos are from Pappasito's.

Needed Maintenance

A motor home that has been here for five years left on Sunday.  They were in a pull-thru site but since the trees had not been trimmed, they grew over the driveway.  The motor home had to be backed out instead of pulling through.  They did move a small Class C in this week for a night, but they even had trouble with the trees.  Will they trim them?  We may never know.

Instant Pot

Mom still uses her Instant Pot several times a week.  Her favorite thing this week was green, potatoes and bacon. It took four minutes.  Grandma used to make it over a campfire.  Mom said it tasted the same.

Park Happenings

We have been staying inside during the day because I don't like the heat.  We still hear gossip even without looking for it.  We were surprised to hear of a few affairs.  One woman left her husband for another woman.  We knew the women were together but didn't realize that she was married previously.

Our messy neighbor has decided to feed the feral cats.  There are several people who do this, but they do it away from the campers.  Our neighbor has decided to feed them in her driveway.  The cats have decided to open up our trash bags which we sit out in the morning.  Mom is not happy about that.

Piper, my bull terrier friend, has gotten a few fire ant bites.  She had them really bad last year.  Mom's bites are basically healed up.  It took about ten days.

The Greyhound Who Is Ready For New Adventures

Friday, April 14, 2017

Fire Ants

There are fire ants in the the dog park!  Mom stepped on their nest which wasn't very smart.  She got bit on both feet.  She told one of the workers about the nest and she said they come out when it rains.  She put something on them and they seem to be gone.  She told Mom how to treat the bites.  Mom did as she said, but then she looked it up on the Internet and what she told her to do was all wrong.  She is still dealing with the bites after five days.  She is glad that I didn't step on them.  Piper, another dog here, got bit on her face and feet last summer and her Mom said it took her a long time to get over them.  Piper is a Bull Terrier.  She has a big nose like me, but she is much shorter.  She weighs the same as me though.  Her Mom says she is a tank.

RV Maintenance

A few weeks ago, we had a guy who works on RVs come out to change our oil, gas filter and oil in our generator. Our motor home takes a lot of oil.  How much did it cost?  $500 something.  We were thrilled because last year, we drove it to a place in Oklahoma and had to wait outside while they did all the work.  They charged us $85 more than what we paid this year.  It was nice to just sit inside while the work was being done.

Campground Happenings

I continue to watch the squirrels and they watch me.

The pool has not opened yet.  We took this photo last week.

We took this photo around 5 a.m.  We will take one in daylight the next time we go out.  Yes, it is really brown now.  

Big Mail Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow, we are getting our regular mail, plus a new blender, new living room and kitchen rugs and and some clothes for Mom. It is a good thing Mom will have the Jeep since there is no way the big rug will fit on the scooter.  BOL!   The blender is for me.  Mom makes me frosty treats and yesterday, my blender started smoking!  Dad said "Order that boy a new blender!"  Mom ordered it last night.  I can't be without my frosty treats.


Buddy has traveled 1,000 miles.  It really doesn't seem like much considering all the places he has traveled.  He put the most miles on him in California.  Mom really enjoyed riding him through the Amish roads in Lancaster County.  There are some places that we have stayed that Mom couldn't ride him and that is why his mileage is so low.  When she can ride him, she does.  


Our greyhound friend, Veil, went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday.  We shared a birthday. She was a year older than me.  It will be sad celebrating my birthday without her this year. She is now with her brother, Beckett who died on Valentine's Day in 2015.  She is greatly missed by her family and friends.

The Greyhound Who Got A New Boot This Week

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Excitement In The Hood Today

Eviction Number 1

It seems that we missed excitement that went on Monday and Tuesday, but we got to see some today. Apparently on Monday, a guy that we really didn't like was told he was being evicted.  We didn't like him because he was always drunk, played his music really loud and had huge bonfires in his fire pit.  We always felt sorry for the people that were parked next to him.  He was in the section for short-term people.  We never understood why. He should have been in our section, but we are glad he wasn't.  On Monday, the manager told him that his fire pit needed to be 20' away from his neighbor.  He argued about it and got in the manager's face and the manager evicted him.  I guess it wasn't immediate though.  The folks and I walked past his place on Monday night and he was yelling that he wanted the old man out and the lady behind him out, etc.  We didn't know at that point that he was evicted.  Dad said to Mom that he is not exempt from being evicted especially since he was in a FEMA trailer.  Those are not supposed to be allowed but there are a few here.  Yesterday, he was seen measuring the fire pits that are here to see if they were 20' away.  The fire pits are only supplied by the campground in the deluxe areas.  The other ones are just people who have brought them in for their own use, like his.  He then got drunk and decided he was going to start a huge bonfire.  He likes to burn 2x4 boards.  The police were called and he was taken away and was told he was not allowed back in the park.  His wife pleaded with management to let him in to get the trailer out because she knew it was not going to be easy to make it travel worthy.  They agreed and that is what we saw this morning.  He was cussing and yelling.  He said he was suing corporate and management.  We don't really know what he thinks he can sue about.  Our contract says we can be evicted at any time by management.  We finally saw him leave after three hours.  He left behind a lawnmower, smoker and just a lot of junk.  The park has been buzzing about him today.  I think everyone is happy to see him gone. Mom is really happy.  We feel sorry for his wife.

Eviction Number 2

We told you about the other FEMA trailer that we thought was going to be removed.  Well, it happened last night.  The mattress is gone too.

This kitty lost his shelter with the removal of the trailer  He is under there.


Sunday was a rainy day here.  We had 2".  Dad had to drive to Houston for a meeting.  He decided to wait to leave until the afternoon since it was stormy there.  He was only gone one night.  I didn't even realize he was on a trip.  I thought he was just working a night shift. 

Ducks enjoyed the rain.
Tree damage from storms last week.
Spring time!

Instant Pot Happenings

Mom made mashed potatoes, fettuccine carbonara and apple crisp recently.  Everything was good.

The Greyhound Who Thinks This Place Could Be A Reality Show


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Beautiful Day In The Hood

Enjoying The Weather

Yesterday was a beautiful day in our neighborhood.  We lucked out Sunday night and did not get the baseball-sized hail that other areas near us had.  Actually, the place we stayed before here was hit with the hail.  Storms are expected here tonight and tomorrow morning. The rest of the week is supposed to be windy, so yesterday and maybe this coming Friday are the only days that Mom will be able to get out on Buddy.

Buddy took Mom to In-N-Out.

I stayed at home and slept.

Mom and I spent some time outside yesterday.   Mom didn't get a picture, but a squirrel was two feet away from me on the picnic table.  Even the squirrels are crazy here!


Mom is trying to stay away from all the drama here, but Friday she got involved again.  We were out on our morning walk when one of the female workers here stopped us. She asked if we wanted her dog.  Mom thought she was joking, but she wasn't.  She said she had been fired and she had to be out of the campground within the hour.  She said she was going to have to take him to the shelter.  Mom wanted to help, but she knew it would be a disaster for me.  The lady said she was now homeless since her motor home that she just bought from someone else here doesn't run.  She had to leave it behind.  Her family was headed to a motel and they couldn't take the dog.  She said she had spoken up in a meeting and was fired.  They seem to fire people very easily here.  Mom felt really bad for her because she has always been very nice to us.  She really was trying to make a nice place here for her family.  As the weekend went on, we saw more and more things being taken from her yard and it was not by her or her family.

We thought another worker that we like might also be fired.  Mom asked about him and she was told that it couldn't be discussed.  He was gone for ten days, but he is back at work today.

Instant Pot Failure

The dinner Mom made last night was a failure.  She decided to make spaghetti and meatballs.  She forgot that spaghetti is not really recommended, but shaped noodles are fine.  She had trouble getting it to come to pressure, so since the pasta sat there longer boiling than it should and that may have also played a factor in it not turning out.  It wasn't bad when she ate it, but she wasn't happy with it.  Dad was late getting home, so the spaghetti was kept warm in the Instant Pot for two more hours.  It was really bad by then.  No pictures were taken.

Another Day, Another Meal

Tonight, the air fryer will be making a meatloaf and the Instant Pot will make mashed potatoes.  We don't anticipate any problems.  

The Greyhound Who Is Known As Boots Around Here

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More Carla and Campground Happenings

Mom got her new glasses today. She asked if I wanted to take a selfie with her.  We had never done that before.  Obviously, we need more practice.

Mom and Me


Another process server called Mom's number thinking it was Carla.  Carla has been giving out Mom's cell phone number since the 90's.  We don't know Carla.  Mom called the process server and told him that he has the wrong number and we don't know her.  She explained that Carla has been giving out Mom's number since the 90's.  She also told him to check with AT&T if he doesn't believe that it is not Carla's number.  He kept saying "Oh, no, oh, no!"  I think he was saying that because now he knows that Carla has tricked him and he isn't giving her the proper notification that he thought.  We don't expect the calls for Carla to end.

Repo Man

We noticed a police car drive by our place yesterday, so we decided to see what was going on.  It turns out there was a repo man trying to take some one's car and their trailer.  A woman staying in the trailer blocked the repo man in, so the police were called.  There was a crowd gathered round.  It turns out that a guy who used to work here, but who was fired but still lives here sold another worker a trailer and car.  It appears the paperwork wasn't correct and the repo man came.  The best we can figure is the second guy made payments to the first guy, but those payments were not passed on.  The guy ended up loosing his trailer and car.  It was sad.  Luckily, his brother works here too and he was able to move back in with him.  We haven't heard any fights, but the second guy can't be pleased with the guy who sold him the trailer and car.

Utility Trailer Man

There was a guy who lived behind us in basically a utility trailer.  He has been here a long time.  He had a toy chihuahua that he doesn't have on a leash. The dog doesn't even wear a collar.  He allows her to roam on her own.  Last Sunday, I was laying outside and she hoped in my bed.  It's a good thing I am a nice guy and didn't eat her.  One time, we were at the dog park and she was there in the small dog park.  Someone told him that he needed to clean up after her and he kept saying "what?" and then he left.  We are glad he is gone.

The Greyhound Who Hopes His Dad Gets Home Before 10 p.m.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Still Pretty Boring

There is not a whole lot going on here.  It has been too windy for Mom to ride Buddy.  She will be able to go out tomorrow and maybe order her glasses.  It has been hot.  We were near 90 yesterday and today is a little cooler.  The air ran all day yesterday.  It is at least shutting off today.  Mom found a fan for me because I was panting a lot Saturday night.  I don't like the heat much anymore.  We may have severe storms here on Friday.  Yikes!

I am not allowed to pee on the roses because Mom says I might get a thorn.  :::sigh:::

April The Giraffe

Oh, my goodness!  When is she going to have that calf?  Mom checks on her several times a day.  We thought she was getting ready to give birth a few times, but nope!

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is still cranking out good food.  The Salted Caramel Cheesecake that Mom made last week was good. She also recently made corned beef and potatoes, spicy sausage pasta in a cream sauce and Marsala chicken pasta.  

Marsala Chicken

Eating Out

The folks ate at Gloria's this weekend.  It is a Latin restaurant.  They are known for a bean dip that they serve along with salsa and chips.

Mom's meal.  It is a skirt steak smothered in salsa, cheese, peppers and mushrooms.

Dad's meal.  Surf and Turf.  
They both agreed that they would like to go back again.

Sunday, they ate at their favorite Mexican place, Pappasito's Cantina.
Dad's meal.  That is a lot of food!

Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen faucet broke on the day that our warranty expired on our rig.  Mom tracked down the part that we need yesterday.  It took a few emails and phone calls, but she found a very nice lady who helped her.  The folks couldn't determine the brand of the faucet, but we now know. The brand is actually located on the backside of the faucet.  Mom used a mirror to see it.  The faucet has a lifetime warranty.  Mom didn't know if they would honor it since we didn't have the paperwork to register it.  She called the company this morning and it doesn't sound like it will be a problem.  Mom had to send them photos of it just to prove it is one of theirs.  The part is $60 and will be really easy to replace.  The faucet sprays Mom every time she uses it now, so she wants it fixed.

Free Pizza

Mom ordered pizza last Sunday when Dad was at work.  It arrived late, but Mom didn't say anything.  She was really surprised when she received an email from Pizza Hut offering us a free pizza!   We have already redeemed it.

Jokari Fizz Keeper

You may have noticed on our side bar this product.  Mom bought one of these because she loves soda.  She didn't like to buy bottles because she felt that she had to drink them quickly because they went flat. She wanted to try this to see if it worked because bottles are cheaper and easy to carry on Buddy.  She has used this on two bottles and both bottles kept their fizz until she was finished with them which was about five days.  There are reviews that say they keep the fizz for 2.5 weeks.  This replaces the cap and the little plastic ring should also be removed so that it fits correctly.  You then just pump several times.  

The Greyhound Who Is Staying Cool On The Couch

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More March Happenings

There isn't a lot going on around here.  The folks haven't been doing much sightseeing because they have seen everything they want to see.  Dad had a three day weekend, so they went to Camping World.  They have a $25 gift certificate, but didn't use it.  Mom did buy a measuring cup that also has measurements for teaspoons and tablespoons.  She seems to like it.

Campground News

We noticed last week that one of the workers drove down our street in his golf cart.  That is not usual, but then the manager drove past.  He doesn't seem to venture into our section, so that was odd. Then, the worker drove past again really fast.  The next day, we noticed that a guy who had his truck on blocks cleaned up his yard.

 He placed all his junk in the back of the truck.  Yesterday, we saw his truck on a flatbed truck being taken away.

The junk was left behind.  People like mattresses in their yards for some reason.
It kind of looks like they are no longer living there, so we may see their home towed out one day.  It seems like the only thing that gets you kicked out here is not paying rent.

I mentioned in my last post that they were working on the streets here.  It was quite loud.

It takes a lot of men to work on the street.  Five to supervise and one to do the job.  BOL!
We were outside when this was being loaded up. The truck ran for at least an hour. Very loud!

Trying to enjoy nature.
Our neighbor decided to move her swing.

This is our view now.  The swing has a canopy on it.
The first customer for the deluxe sites arrived today.  The sites are complete except the grass still needs to grow.

This is the tent camping area.
Spring is here!

Eye Exam

Mom had her eyes checked on Monday.  She has very healthy eyes!  She has been wearing her old glasses because the glasses she got last year hurt her eyes.  It turns out that she was given the wrong prescription in those glasses.  She is going to order new glasses but it was too busy on Monday and she didn't want to wait. She was going to go today, but it is too chilly to ride Buddy. She is probably going to go next week after spring break is over here.

Instant Pot

Mom made another cheesecake yesterday, but she hasn't tasted it yet.  Dad didn't get home from work until 2 a.m. and she is waiting for him. This one is a Salted Caramel Cheesecake.  She tried a few other new recipes such as a Marsala Chicken Stew and homemade Sloppy Joe's.  I don't think she was in love with either of those.  I really enjoy the chicken or hamburger and rice that she has been making me.


We are very happy with our new Wi-Fi service.  We have only used 16 GBs and we are halfway through the month.  We have 250 GBs.  The folks have been watching YouTube and Netflix.  It doesn't do anything for me, but they are happy with it.

April the Giraffe

Is anyone else waiting for her to give birth?  Mom thought it was going to happen this morning, but no, she is still pregnant.  It has to happen soon.  If you don't know what we are talking about, you can check out this link  April

The Greyhound Who Wasn't Happy That His Dad Sleep Late This Morning