Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We Are No Longer RVers

Our motorhome has new owners. They took ownership of it today.  They are probably reading through all the manuals and trying out all the remotes right now.  It is overwhelming how many manuals and remotes it has.  Mom thinks she may have accidentally left our Dish remote in it.  We don't need it because we no longer have Dish and we know they have Direct TV, so if it is there, they will just toss it. It is better than when we sold our house. She left her robe on the back of the door.  Dad saw it but didn't tell her. She is still upset with Dad for not telling her it was there. Anyway, it is really strange that another family has moved into our motorhome.  Another dog could be on my couch.  I don't even want to think about that.

We have not moved into our actual rental yet. We are in the one next to it.  We are beginning to think it is not going to happen. We are still waiting for the countertops to be installed.  Mom saw the condo again today and it needs countertops, a sink, outlet covers and lots of cleaning.   It really doesn't matter now if we get to move into it.  We moved here to see if we liked living here and we don't like it, we LOVE IT.  We also wanted to get the RV sold and that is done.  We are now getting ready to make an offer on a condo to buy.  We hope that happens this weekend. Mom is so scared that someone is going to buy it.  It will be nice to be settled in our own place again.  It will take a little while to get it fixed up the way we want it, but that is okay.  The first thing the folks are going to buy is a bed.  They want a bed that doesn't sink in the middle.  BOL!  I think they may buy another Sleep Number.  That is what we had in the RV and they liked it.

We definitely love our view.

Do you know what I did on Sunday?  I went island hopping!  We drove to the end of Galveston Island and then paid $2 to cross the bridge to go to another island.  We then drove to the end of that island. We couldn't go any further because the road ended at the water. We got out and walked around and watched people fish.  We then got back in the car and drove back to our island. 

Mom's favorite shell.  It is prettier in person. The base of it is shiny.
We love to watch the sunrise each day.
Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving?  Mom is going to fix a turkey but probably not on Thanksgiving. The folks have reservations at a seafood/Thanksgiving buffet.  I hope Mom doesn't forget to bring something home for me.

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