Monday, February 27, 2017

Our February Happenings

February has flown by.

We are still at the campground with the messy people.  The guy behind us went hunting.  We are not sure what he killed, but the skin is hanging on a tree.  Some of the people who have left reviews on the park, have said it is a ghetto RV park.  Yep, our section is pretty bad. The other section is not bad.

Mom got nervous when we walked by a guy at 5 a.m. who has a really odd truck. His door was only open enough for his legs. His feet were facing in the direction of the truck.  He passed out while bending over the seat, we assume. We noticed that someone left a review on the campground and mentioned that a guy lives in his truck. We don't think he lives in it, but he is strange.

Are we scared living here?  No, we are not.  Most everyone is friendly. They are just really messy.

A new deluxe section is being added to the RV park.  We have been watching the construction of that area. The problem is, the people who stay there will have a view of the storage yard.  BOL!

Mom's birthday was last week.  Dad was off for a four day weekend.  They went to Denny's for breakfast, Smashburger for lunch and then Saltgrass for dinner.  Mom said it was fun. They went to Ikea, but didn't buy anything.  It seems like they spent all weekend eating.

I am still squirrel hunting most days.

We had been trying to figure out what they are building.

It is really loud.  We watched them bring the pipes up and then they would take them down. They did this for ten days and then it was moved and they started doing it all over again.  A neighbor told us they are drilling for gas.  We don't know.

Mom bought an Instant Pot.  She kept hearing other RVers talk about them, so she started watching YouTube videos and decided that she had to have one.  It is a pressure cooker, rice cooker, browns meat, makes yogurt and it is also a slow cooker.  It has replaced our Ninja.  Remember when she thought the Ninja was the greatest thing?  Well, the Instant Pot has caused Ninja to be taken to Goodwill.

Mom made pasta in the Instant Pot the other day.  She browned the meat and onions and then added the water, spaghetti sauce and the pasta and the Instant Pot did the rest in six minutes.  Mom added cheese at the end.  No draining.  Just one pot to wash.  It keeps food warm for up to 10 hours which is a nice feature because Dad can be quite late some nights.
Pasta made in the Instant Pot
Mom made me rice and chicken this morning in the Instant Pot.  Yum!!!

One of the things that we have a problem with as an RVer is a good data plan for our computer.  We have had 5 GB for $50 for the past five years.  That is not much.  Mom's phone now has 8 GB and she can use that as a hot spot.  She was pretty excited to have that much.  It allows a few YouTube videos, but no streaming of movies. On the 17th, Mom learned of a new plan that offered 250 GB for $60.  She jumped on ordering it.  The problem is/was that it is only supposed to be for certain states and Texas is not one of them. She reached a rep who allowed her to order it.  We wondered for a week if the right equipment would arrive and if it would work for us.  We heard of several people who were canceled and some received the wrong equipment.  Our equipment arrived on Friday and it is correct.  Mom hooked it up and our account says we have 250 GB!  We opened a Netflix account and we can watch three hours for a gig.  The folks are pretty excited.  We hope it continues to work for us.

Me and my frog
Temperatures were near 90 on Mom's birthday.  
Mom may be getting a different scooter.  She is still debating it.  She loves Buddy, but he doesn't go fast enough for some roads.

I think that about sums up our February.  I patrol the park six or seven times a day.  I have lots of canine friends here and everyone seems to know my name.

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