Monday, June 30, 2014

Exciting Night at Heart Of America

Saturday afternoon, there was a big auction at the Heart of America greyhound event. If Mama remembers the correctly the items sold for $150 to $1,000.  People were very generous because the money goes to help the hounds.  :-)

Saturday evening, the meal was catered by Brookside Hotel.  The folks had eaten there earlier in the week.  The hotel traces its roots back to 1870.

Each person receives a half of a chicken. The rest of the food is served family style and it is all you can eat.  It includes: coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, cottage cheese, creamed style corn, peaches, pickles and homemade biscuits with strawberry preserves. Vanilla ice cream is served for dessert. Mama liked it.  The folks still think that Stroud's in KC is the best though.

The catered event included the chicken, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed style corn, homemade biscuits and upside down pineapple cake.

After the folks ate, they came back to the RV and picked us up because it was time for the contests.  The events included: biggest (not fattest and I wouldn't have won that one anyway), smallest, best smiler, best trick, youngest, oldest and longest tail.  That is all that I can remember.  Scout entered the longest tail contest. We thought she might win.  Her tail is 24".  She lost out to a dog with a 26" tail.

We sat with the folks from Greyhound Companions of Missouri.  That is the group that Scout and I came from and they are the ones that helped me so much with my bad leg.  Well, I am not exactly sure what happened, but everyone at our table started laughing really loud.  Then it turned into the laugh where nothing comes out, but you are still laughing and then Mama's eyes started watering.  She said she hasn't laughed like that in years.  I guess whatever happened must have been really funny, but Mama says what happens in Abilene stays in Abilene.  BOL!

Okay, ready for the exciting thing that happened.  Scout was named Senior Queen!  Yep, the way they do it is by drawing the dog's name from a bowl.  It is not like she really did anything to deserve it.  Mama says they should have a court jester and I would be prefect.  BOL   So, they called Scout's name and Mama screamed.  It was embarrassing.  Scout was on the floor and didn't want to get up.  Mama was practically dragging her because she didn't want them to think she wasn't there.  I think they heard Mama scream though.  Mama and Scout got up to the front of the room and they were concerned because when they drew her name and it was Scout, they thought she was a boy and her name got put in the wrong bowl.  They had to check to make sure she was a girl.  BOL!

There were a lot of photos taken, but did Dad take any?  NOPE!  Mama was not happy about that.  He said he had to watch me.  Duh, I was with a lot of people who could have watched me.  I think he just didn't care that Scout was queen, kinda like me.  Actually, Scout wishes she was not queen.  Just check out the pictures.

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Day

Senior King and Queen, King and Queen and Prince and Princess. Photo Courtesy of Michelle Day
Scout received a trophy, sash, crown, collar and matching leash.  Basically, she didn't like wearing the hat and being awaken from her nap.  BOL!

Showing off her queen of hearts collar.
I hope this whole queen thing doesn't go to her head.  First the vet says she is perfect and now she is the queen.  Sheesh!  Mama has been telling people we meet that she was just crowned queen at a greyhound event.  She leaves out the part that all they did was draw her name out of a bowl. :::snicker:::

The Greyhound Who Wonders What He Is If His Sister Is the Queen

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Left My Corn In Abilene

The "operation" is over and I am fine.  BOL!  It was a little scary because they laid me on a table and lots of people gathered around to watch the corn removal.  Mama was more scared than I was though.  Aunt Donna from Greyhound Companions was there petting me to relax me and Dad was there too.  Mama was standing in front trying to see the procedure.

My eyes are big because they started the Dremel on me.

Dad and Aunt Donna relaxing me.

The guy who lifted me on the table checking on me.

At this point, I am thinking I am not so sure about all of this.

This is really strange.

I have my tails between my legs.  She is showing everyone my corn.

I am just kind of chilling now.
I stayed on the table while people asked questions.

The corn is now out. She said a new one could be there in just a few weeks.  It wasn't bad getting it out.  It was just strange feeling.

I walked around the event after the procedure.  Let me tell you, I loved being at the event.  It was so much fun just walking around seeing everything.  Scout and I came back in the evening for the contests and something very exciting happened.  You will have to wait until tomorrow to find out though.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is Now Corn-Less

Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm Like A Box Of Chocolates... never know what you are going to get.  BOL!   Oh sure, I barked and tried to play with the other dogs today, but when Mama brought me inside the event venue, I was a good boy.  I loved all the activity.

This morning, the folks set out at 7:30 a.m. to visit greyhound farms.  They had a big line of cars and they were supposed to follow each other.  Well, about two cars up from the folks car, that person lost sight of the car in front of him which caused all the other cars to go in the wrong direction.  They turned into an adult book store parking lot and waited until they could get in touch with some one who knew where they were going. BOL!  They got the directions and turned around.  They arrived at the greyhound farm and walked and walked and walked.  They arrived where the greyhounds were having lure training and found that the first part of the group had parked right there!  They only got to see one race.  Mama was disappointed, but at least they got to see one.  They then had to walk all the way back to their cars. They then drove to another greyhound farm.  Mama found the farm tours to be somewhat sad. There are so many dogs there and you know that not all of them will find homes. 

The folks then drove to the Greyhound of Fame.  They didn't tour it since they have done that in the past. They just did shopping in the gift shop.

The folks stocked up on chocolate at Russell Stover's Outlet.

Scout and I participated in a find the Bunny Egg contest.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  Mama and I ran to find the eggs.  I touched then with my nose and Mama put them in our bag.  Scout and Dad walked behind us and only got four.  We got at least 20.  We didn't find the Bunny Egg though. We just found eggs with treats and tootsie rolls.

Waiting for the contest to begin. You can see some eggs in the photo.

Sizing up the competition.

Scout doesn't have her head in the competition.

I had to rest after hunting for eggs.
We are going to show you something really rare.  It is a picture of Mama with us.  She hates to have her photo taken, but she did it today.  I think it is a nice one of the three of us.

Tomorrow there is a class on corns and I am the greyhound who will have his corn removed.  YIKES!  Mama is excited and nervous about it.  She just hopes that I behave myself.  You never know.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Hopes To Be Corn-less Soon

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Enjoying Our Time In Abilene

Yes, I am still being a nut.  A lady told Mama that she had a greyhound that was nutty like me.  I met him today and guess what?  I am nuttier.  He barked at me once and I went crazy.  I barked and tried to do zoomies.  I play bowed to him.  BOL!  I am not the only barking greyhound here though.

Scout and I had our picture today by a photographer.  I did okay when I went inside the building.  Dad was impressed.  We haven't seen the pictures yet, so we don't know how they will turned out. The photographer wasn't feeling well, so it was really nice for him to come here to take photos of the hounds.

Scout waiting for our turn with the photographer.

I'm blurry because I couldn't stand still.

These dogs were tired after a day here.
The folks received goodie bags.  You should see everything we got!  We mugged Mama when she walked in. Dad said that our eyes were huge!  We got a lot of treats, a clicker trainer device, decals, stickers and a lot of other things. 

This is just one bag!

Oh my, I am so excited about the goodies!  I will have to start my "diet" later.  BOL!
Mama did some shopping today. She bought a grab bag and it had good things in it. She also bought us a new bed.  She will stuff it with four queen-sized pillows.  It will be really easy for her to wash when she removes the pillows. We didn't need a new bed, but Dad really liked it and figured Mama would regret not buying it.  She also bought a sweat shirt and a brindle zipper pull.

We had several people tour our RV today.  I guess that is why we had to clean this week.  BOL  The folks toured Miss Terri's RV.  She is our neighbor here and just started RVing this month.

Tonight, the folks went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a group of new friends including Michelle from Grey Hares On My Sofa and Terri from Greyt RV Adventures.

There is a really pretty park right across from us.  It is full of flowers and yes, dogs are allowed to walk in it.


The Greyhound Who Is Enjoying Sniffing Everything In Abilene

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm Being A Nut In Abilene

Mama says I am being a nut here in Abilene.  I say this is MY VACATION and if I want to be a nut, I can be a nut!  How am I being a nut?  Well, when there are a lot of greyhounds around, it is hard to get noticed, so I bark and play bow at all the other dogs.  It makes me stand out, that is for sure.  It brought a few fellow campers to our site tonight to see who was doing the barking.  BOL!

Today, we stopped at a rest area on our way to Abilene and do you know who was there?  Michelle from Grey Hares On My Sofa.  She recognized Buddy and came over to us while we were walking.  Mama was really surprised to run into her there.

The actual greyhound event starts tomorrow.  We are going to be pretty busy, but it is really nice that we are camping at the event and we can come back and take a break in our camper whenever we feel like it.

I have been told basically that I am fat two times in the past two days.  Should we take a poll as to how many people will say that sort of thing to Mama this weekend?  I am not sure how much longer she can keep her mouth shut to people when they say such a rude thing.  Maybe I need a sign that says my vet says my weight is fine.  We saw a thin white greyhound tonight, so my theory that being white makes me look fat doesn't fly any longer.

The Greyhound Who Is Enjoying His Vacation So Far Even If People Say He Is Fat

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cleaning and Organizing

Cleaning is stressful!
Mama has been cleaning and organizing.  I hope it ends soon.  She even washed our bed and blankets yesterday.  She has mentioned the "B" word...BATH.  I don't think that is going to happen though.  She really would like Dad to help since it needs to be done outside, but he has to work.  :-D 

That is my bed in the basket. It got a bath.
Yesterday, she cleaned the oven.  It is not a self cleaning oven and she was concerned with the fumes and us being in such a small space.  She cleaned it, but it is not as clean as she would like. She said she will try it on a day when we can sit outside.  Today, she defrosted the freezer.  She also re-organized all the winter clothes and put them in new storage bags. She had them in one large bag and that didn't work so well.

All the winter clothes including coats in the dinette booth storage area.
Mama was very pleased with herself until she realized that she forgot to store our blankets in the bags.  She will have to buy another small bag for them. 

The greyhound event in Abilene, KS is later this week.   We are going to see old friends and will be meeting a few people who know us from our blog.  It is going to be fun!

The Greyhound Who Is Excited That He Will Be Among His Own Kind In Abilene

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weather, Mr. Bill and Food

The weather has turned hot and humid here.  Yesterday, Mama and I walked at 8 a.m. and it was almost too much for me.  This morning, we walked at 6:30 a.m. and we had to cut our walk short because it looked like it was going to rain.  Dark clouds moved over us and Mama said we needed to get home.  The rain did not come.  It was really windy yesterday and we watched an awning on a camper across the way go up and down.  We have seen awnings break in high winds.  I guess he thinks his awning can't break because he just put it out and left again and yes, it is still windy.  I guess you know what we will be watching for entertainment today.  BOL!

Scout likes the wind and will just stand in it.  I don't mind the wind during the day, but if it is dark outside and windy, I don't want any part of it.

Another semi-funny thing happened on Saturday after the "great tank escape".  Mama had a pizza in the oven.  The oven rack is not the correct one for our oven and it leans when Mama is taking food out of the oven. She checked the pizza and the pizza fell out of the oven.  It stayed on the pan until it reached the floor and then slide across.  Luckily, it stayed right side up.  Mama picked it up and put it back in the oven and it fell out again and this time the pizza hit her leg leaving her jeans with cheese on them.  It then fell to the floor, but again stayed right side up.  Unfortunately, the pan was so hot that it stuck to our rug.  Mama was not happy.  She claims she will find the right size rack for the oven when we leave here and she has mail service again.  She needs to order it online. 

Mr. Bill Update

Mama performed surgery on Mr. Bill and found that his sound box needed to be adjusted.  He is now working fine.  I was pretty nervous when she was working on him.  "OH NOOOO!" is now heard regularly in our house.  BOL!

Let's see....we haven't shown your any food porn for a while.  Are you ready?

The folks ate at Pizza Ranch.  Pizza Ranch is a buffet with pizza, cheese bread, salad, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and desserts.  If there is not a pizza on the buffet that you want, they will make it for you.  Mama really liked their Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  Mama really enjoyed her meal until Dad dropped something on the floor and then told Mama to look and there was a lot of food on the floor. 

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Last week, they ate at the Islamorado Fish Company which is located at some Bass Pro's.  They offer a summer burger that Mama liked.  It has pico on it and comes with chipotle as a dipping sauce.

Dad ordered catfish and alligator.  Mama tasted the alligator and liked it.
On Father's Day, they ate at Yard House.  This is restaurant that plays classic rock and serves 130 types of beer.  They both really liked it. 

Onion Ring Tower

Spicy Jambalaya

BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger - it had rum BBQ sauce
It came with garlic aïol which was probably supposed to go on the burger, but Mama preferred it on her fries.  The burger looks small, but it was very filling.

The Greyhound Who Knows To Stay Out Of The Kitchen When Mama Is Cooking Because Things Fall Out Of Our Oven

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