Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Left My Corn In Abilene

The "operation" is over and I am fine.  BOL!  It was a little scary because they laid me on a table and lots of people gathered around to watch the corn removal.  Mama was more scared than I was though.  Aunt Donna from Greyhound Companions was there petting me to relax me and Dad was there too.  Mama was standing in front trying to see the procedure.

My eyes are big because they started the Dremel on me.

Dad and Aunt Donna relaxing me.

The guy who lifted me on the table checking on me.

At this point, I am thinking I am not so sure about all of this.

This is really strange.

I have my tails between my legs.  She is showing everyone my corn.

I am just kind of chilling now.
I stayed on the table while people asked questions.

The corn is now out. She said a new one could be there in just a few weeks.  It wasn't bad getting it out.  It was just strange feeling.

I walked around the event after the procedure.  Let me tell you, I loved being at the event.  It was so much fun just walking around seeing everything.  Scout and I came back in the evening for the contests and something very exciting happened.  You will have to wait until tomorrow to find out though.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is Now Corn-Less

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