Monday, June 30, 2014

Exciting Night at Heart Of America

Saturday afternoon, there was a big auction at the Heart of America greyhound event. If Mama remembers the correctly the items sold for $150 to $1,000.  People were very generous because the money goes to help the hounds.  :-)

Saturday evening, the meal was catered by Brookside Hotel.  The folks had eaten there earlier in the week.  The hotel traces its roots back to 1870.

Each person receives a half of a chicken. The rest of the food is served family style and it is all you can eat.  It includes: coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, cottage cheese, creamed style corn, peaches, pickles and homemade biscuits with strawberry preserves. Vanilla ice cream is served for dessert. Mama liked it.  The folks still think that Stroud's in KC is the best though.

The catered event included the chicken, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed style corn, homemade biscuits and upside down pineapple cake.

After the folks ate, they came back to the RV and picked us up because it was time for the contests.  The events included: biggest (not fattest and I wouldn't have won that one anyway), smallest, best smiler, best trick, youngest, oldest and longest tail.  That is all that I can remember.  Scout entered the longest tail contest. We thought she might win.  Her tail is 24".  She lost out to a dog with a 26" tail.

We sat with the folks from Greyhound Companions of Missouri.  That is the group that Scout and I came from and they are the ones that helped me so much with my bad leg.  Well, I am not exactly sure what happened, but everyone at our table started laughing really loud.  Then it turned into the laugh where nothing comes out, but you are still laughing and then Mama's eyes started watering.  She said she hasn't laughed like that in years.  I guess whatever happened must have been really funny, but Mama says what happens in Abilene stays in Abilene.  BOL!

Okay, ready for the exciting thing that happened.  Scout was named Senior Queen!  Yep, the way they do it is by drawing the dog's name from a bowl.  It is not like she really did anything to deserve it.  Mama says they should have a court jester and I would be prefect.  BOL   So, they called Scout's name and Mama screamed.  It was embarrassing.  Scout was on the floor and didn't want to get up.  Mama was practically dragging her because she didn't want them to think she wasn't there.  I think they heard Mama scream though.  Mama and Scout got up to the front of the room and they were concerned because when they drew her name and it was Scout, they thought she was a boy and her name got put in the wrong bowl.  They had to check to make sure she was a girl.  BOL!

There were a lot of photos taken, but did Dad take any?  NOPE!  Mama was not happy about that.  He said he had to watch me.  Duh, I was with a lot of people who could have watched me.  I think he just didn't care that Scout was queen, kinda like me.  Actually, Scout wishes she was not queen.  Just check out the pictures.

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Day

Senior King and Queen, King and Queen and Prince and Princess. Photo Courtesy of Michelle Day
Scout received a trophy, sash, crown, collar and matching leash.  Basically, she didn't like wearing the hat and being awaken from her nap.  BOL!

Showing off her queen of hearts collar.
I hope this whole queen thing doesn't go to her head.  First the vet says she is perfect and now she is the queen.  Sheesh!  Mama has been telling people we meet that she was just crowned queen at a greyhound event.  She leaves out the part that all they did was draw her name out of a bowl. :::snicker:::

The Greyhound Who Wonders What He Is If His Sister Is the Queen

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