Monday, June 2, 2014

No More Dumb Phones Here

Life is a matter of perspective.  For a worm, digging is a lot more fun than going fishing - Clyde Abel

Mama has been wanting a smart phone for a very long time.  The thing that held her back was the cost of the data plan.  She really couldn't justify it.  She kept coming up with "good reasons" for getting one though.  1) the GPS is not always correct and the folks end up at places that are no longer there. She used to carry her tablet with her, but that was kind of a pain because she needed the Mi-Fi too while in the car.  2) We have been staying at campgrounds without free Wi-Fi and our new Mi-Fi is 4G and really seems to use a lot more data. Mama can use a smart phone as a hot spot. 3) Mama really wants to be able to download coupons on it and not have to print them out. Just think of the paper and time she will save.  BOL!  She debated if she wanted to leave AT&T.  She wanted to stay with a no contract plan.  The folks do not like contracts. She thought about switching to Verizon or Straight Talk.  Straight Talk was tricky because some of their phones use Sprint and some use Verizon.  She wanted a phone with Verizon because their coverage is better, but no phones were available that she wanted that used Verizon towers.  She has been researching all of this for months.  BOL!  Dad bought his smart phone at Thanksgiving, but Mama held out. Finally, the price of the data plan came down enough that Mama could justify it, so she started looking for the phone she wanted. Dad has a Windows phone and Mama considered it, but she couldn't get all the apps that she wanted with it. Finally, AT&T's Pay As You Go (which is what she has used since it came out) came out with a new Android phone that she liked.  It has a 4" screen.  She bought it on Saturday at the AT&T store here.  She was surprised that there was a 15 minute wait to get help there.  The sales guy told her that they almost always have a wait at their store.  She was amazed by that.

Mama really likes her phone so far. It is super easy to use.  She downloaded the Emeals app today and it looks like it will be fun to use.  It gives you your shopping list and you delete any meals that you don't want and they disappear from your list.  She will take her paper list with her for a few weeks just to make sure it works correctly.   She downloaded a larger keyboard because she has "fat" fingers.  She downloaded a flashlight which she loves.  Dad said his phone doesn't have a flash, so the flashlight app doesn't work for him.  :-(

The campground was pretty full this weekend.  It was fun watching all the weekenders.  The folks dumped the tanks on Saturday night.  Mama did laundry yesterday and someone had cleaned up all the bugs.  She was really happy about that.  We paid for another week to stay here. 

We had rain last night.  This morning, it was cool enough that Scout went with us on a long walk. 

Me trying to get Mama and Scout to walk faster. Mama says I am being bad here.

Another view of the lake.

The winding path that we walked.  There are 27 miles of trails here.
The Greyhound Who Needs To Walk More If He Is Going To Complete All 27 Miles

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