Thursday, June 5, 2014

Strange Storm And A Nifty Tool

Mama pays really close attention to the weather.  Obsessed?  Hmmmm....not sure.  She does her best not to leave us if a storm is predicted. I am not sure she has ever left us since we started RVing.  She has always been nervous with storms.  I think it goes back to her childhood. She was left alone a lot and she remembers one time when the sky turned like a strange green color and she had to run to the basement with her dog, Pebbles. She had to run outside and around the house to get to the basement because there wasn't an entrance from inside. She said she felt like she was going to drown trying to get there.  Her earliest memory of a storm was living in St. Louis and the sirens were going off and her Mom was screaming.  She was two or three. That is probably what caused her to be afraid.  Anyway, she says living in a motor home is even scarier in storms than in a house.  She always feels better when we have a safe place to go in a storm.  Today, she told us that we were going to have some storms, but she didn't think they would be bad.  I made her nervous because I told her I needed to go out even though I had been out three times already.  She thought I might sense that something bad was going to happen.  ::::shrugs shoulders:::  The girls who work here came by to tell us that a thunder storm watch was issued.  Okay, a watch is not that bad.  The warning is what you have to be concerned about.  It finally started raining and then the weather people came on and told us that after the rain ends, we will have straight line winds of 70-80 mph.  WHAT?  That is not normal. The weather people responded as if they heard Mama and said it was not normal.  It normally happens before the storm.  Mama said if the tent down the hill from us flew away, we would run to the restroom that is made out of bricks.  The winds came and our motor home shook.  We have experienced that before.  Mama was most concerned about the trees around us because they are so large.  A part of a tree did come down, but it was not close to us or anyone else.  It was closer to the tent people.  The tent stayed put, so I guess the wind was not as storm as they had predicted.  We were happy when the wind died down.  It probably only lasted 10 minutes, but seemed longer as we kept expecting it to get worse.  Luckily, we didn't loose power.  We heard that many people in the area are without power. 

Part of tree that fell during straight line winds.
While at Escapade, Mama took some classes on cleaning. She has now started cleaning with vinegar and water and alcohol and water.  The alcohol and water is really good at removing grease. She learned that she shouldn't use anything chemical in the toilet because of the holding tank.  You don't want to disrupt what goes on down there as far as stuff breaking down. That is all I will say about that.  BOL! She bought spray bottles at Dollar Tree for her new cleaning ingredients and then she labeled them with her label gun.  One of the things that was mentioned in the class was Zip-It. She got all excited about it.  Dad said he uses them at work.  Seriously, and he never told Mama about it?  What is a Zip-It?  It is a device that you stick down your drain and when you pull it back has tons of hair on it. YUCK!  Yep, it cleans out your drains.  Mama used it for the first time today.  She was disgusted, but happy that the shower drain is now clean.  It is so much easier than pulling the shower drain out and cleaning it that way.  She bought it at Lowe's and it was around $2.49.

The folks have to dump tanks tonight.  It has been five days.  That is as good as it is going to get.

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