Thursday, June 26, 2014

Enjoying Our Time In Abilene

Yes, I am still being a nut.  A lady told Mama that she had a greyhound that was nutty like me.  I met him today and guess what?  I am nuttier.  He barked at me once and I went crazy.  I barked and tried to do zoomies.  I play bowed to him.  BOL!  I am not the only barking greyhound here though.

Scout and I had our picture today by a photographer.  I did okay when I went inside the building.  Dad was impressed.  We haven't seen the pictures yet, so we don't know how they will turned out. The photographer wasn't feeling well, so it was really nice for him to come here to take photos of the hounds.

Scout waiting for our turn with the photographer.

I'm blurry because I couldn't stand still.

These dogs were tired after a day here.
The folks received goodie bags.  You should see everything we got!  We mugged Mama when she walked in. Dad said that our eyes were huge!  We got a lot of treats, a clicker trainer device, decals, stickers and a lot of other things. 

This is just one bag!

Oh my, I am so excited about the goodies!  I will have to start my "diet" later.  BOL!
Mama did some shopping today. She bought a grab bag and it had good things in it. She also bought us a new bed.  She will stuff it with four queen-sized pillows.  It will be really easy for her to wash when she removes the pillows. We didn't need a new bed, but Dad really liked it and figured Mama would regret not buying it.  She also bought a sweat shirt and a brindle zipper pull.

We had several people tour our RV today.  I guess that is why we had to clean this week.  BOL  The folks toured Miss Terri's RV.  She is our neighbor here and just started RVing this month.

Tonight, the folks went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a group of new friends including Michelle from Grey Hares On My Sofa and Terri from Greyt RV Adventures.

There is a really pretty park right across from us.  It is full of flowers and yes, dogs are allowed to walk in it.


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