Monday, June 16, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened...

Boy, the campground was crazy this weekend!  It was completely full and we are not talking just campers.  You see since we are on a lake, people also bring their boats.  They are supposed to just have two cars per site, but many people have four cars, the boat, camper and tent.  Mama thinks they should learn to carpool at little better.  Luckily, even when the place is full, we still have lots of space on our site.  I love it when it is packed.  It is like walking through a fair.  You never know what you are going to see.  BOL!

I am watching over my kingdom.  BOL!
It doesn't look bad from here, but it was packed.

Scout enjoying a bone outside.
 As you may remember, we are staying in a park without full hook-ups.  We have water, but only have 30 amp electric and no sewer.  The folks have found that they can go a full week before they need to empty out our tanks into the portable tank. (This is done by taking "Navy showers" and washing dishes in a pan so that water doesn't go down the drain.)  Actually, mid-week, Mama fills up the portable tank to get us through the rest of the week and then on Saturday, the folks make 3-4 trips to the dump with the portable tank.  Mama drives the Jeep with the portable tank hooked to a hitch on the back of the Jeep.  Mama drives because Dad doesn't want to get nasty stuff on the steering wheel while they are dumping. 

This is the portable tank.
On Saturday, something funny happened.  Well, Mama and a bunch of people thought it was funny, Dad not so much. BOL!   Mama was behind a boat full of people and they told her to pass them because they had to stop for something.  Mama slowly passed them and continued on the way.  You are only supposed to drive 5 - 10 mp with the tank.  The hitch makes a terrible sound when the tank is attached.  Suddenly, the noise stopped and Mama asked Dad if the tank was still there.  He said it was. They arrived at the dump and the people in the boat passed and yelled "IT WENT DOWN THE HILL!"  Yep, the tank had come loose and took off down the hill.  BOL!  Fortunately, it didn't hit anyone or get run over or explode.  Unfortunately, they were not hauling water from the grey tank, but the black tank and the lid did leak. (Black tank is water from the toilet).  It was pretty nasty.  Luckily, Dad had gloves on, but it was hard to pull the tank up from the bottom of the hill.  The tank is really heavy when it is full. Yep, Dad didn't think it was as funny as Mama or the people on the boat.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Thinks His Dad Needs A Better Sense of Humor ~ BOL!

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