Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This N That

There is not a whole lot going on here.  During the week, there are just a few campers here, but on the weekends it is busy.
This was an accident. We normally don't sit this close to each other.  BOL

Sunday, we washed the RV.  Scout and I watched for a while, but decided the couch inside was more comfortable.

All clean and shiny.
Monday afternoon the rain started and it lasted over 20 hours.  We took a long walk down to the docks before the rain started.

We looked at the view.

We stepped into the water.

We saw a bunny.

We watched the bunny until he left.

We watched our grass get cut.

Then we watched the rain.
We saw an umbrella fly by.
Today, the sun is out and it is nice.  Mama did laundry.  The laundry room was nice and clean until the men came to collect the quarters from the machine.  They said there must be mice because when they opened up the coin drawer acorn shells were inside.  There are now acorn shells all over the floor and in the sink.  They tried to clean it up when Mama walked in, but they didn't have a broom.

Buddy was used as a drying rack for towels while the sheets were in the dryer.
Silly Mama took the trash out with Buddy today, but she didn't close the trash bag.  When she headed back home, she saw that her tennis shoes had fallen out of the trash bag.  She saw one shoe and then she saw the other one was further down the road.  She was embarrassed.  BOL!

Mama is thinking of Jack today.  Jack died three years ago today.  Mama still really misses him. 

The Greyhound Who Thinks That Jack Was Probably A Cool Dude Even If He Did Wear Jammies

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