Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weather, Mr. Bill and Food

The weather has turned hot and humid here.  Yesterday, Mama and I walked at 8 a.m. and it was almost too much for me.  This morning, we walked at 6:30 a.m. and we had to cut our walk short because it looked like it was going to rain.  Dark clouds moved over us and Mama said we needed to get home.  The rain did not come.  It was really windy yesterday and we watched an awning on a camper across the way go up and down.  We have seen awnings break in high winds.  I guess he thinks his awning can't break because he just put it out and left again and yes, it is still windy.  I guess you know what we will be watching for entertainment today.  BOL!

Scout likes the wind and will just stand in it.  I don't mind the wind during the day, but if it is dark outside and windy, I don't want any part of it.

Another semi-funny thing happened on Saturday after the "great tank escape".  Mama had a pizza in the oven.  The oven rack is not the correct one for our oven and it leans when Mama is taking food out of the oven. She checked the pizza and the pizza fell out of the oven.  It stayed on the pan until it reached the floor and then slide across.  Luckily, it stayed right side up.  Mama picked it up and put it back in the oven and it fell out again and this time the pizza hit her leg leaving her jeans with cheese on them.  It then fell to the floor, but again stayed right side up.  Unfortunately, the pan was so hot that it stuck to our rug.  Mama was not happy.  She claims she will find the right size rack for the oven when we leave here and she has mail service again.  She needs to order it online. 

Mr. Bill Update

Mama performed surgery on Mr. Bill and found that his sound box needed to be adjusted.  He is now working fine.  I was pretty nervous when she was working on him.  "OH NOOOO!" is now heard regularly in our house.  BOL!

Let's see....we haven't shown your any food porn for a while.  Are you ready?

The folks ate at Pizza Ranch.  Pizza Ranch is a buffet with pizza, cheese bread, salad, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and desserts.  If there is not a pizza on the buffet that you want, they will make it for you.  Mama really liked their Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  Mama really enjoyed her meal until Dad dropped something on the floor and then told Mama to look and there was a lot of food on the floor. 

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Last week, they ate at the Islamorado Fish Company which is located at some Bass Pro's.  They offer a summer burger that Mama liked.  It has pico on it and comes with chipotle as a dipping sauce.

Dad ordered catfish and alligator.  Mama tasted the alligator and liked it.
On Father's Day, they ate at Yard House.  This is restaurant that plays classic rock and serves 130 types of beer.  They both really liked it. 

Onion Ring Tower

Spicy Jambalaya

BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger - it had rum BBQ sauce
It came with garlic aïol which was probably supposed to go on the burger, but Mama preferred it on her fries.  The burger looks small, but it was very filling.

The Greyhound Who Knows To Stay Out Of The Kitchen When Mama Is Cooking Because Things Fall Out Of Our Oven

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