Monday, June 23, 2014

Cleaning and Organizing

Cleaning is stressful!
Mama has been cleaning and organizing.  I hope it ends soon.  She even washed our bed and blankets yesterday.  She has mentioned the "B" word...BATH.  I don't think that is going to happen though.  She really would like Dad to help since it needs to be done outside, but he has to work.  :-D 

That is my bed in the basket. It got a bath.
Yesterday, she cleaned the oven.  It is not a self cleaning oven and she was concerned with the fumes and us being in such a small space.  She cleaned it, but it is not as clean as she would like. She said she will try it on a day when we can sit outside.  Today, she defrosted the freezer.  She also re-organized all the winter clothes and put them in new storage bags. She had them in one large bag and that didn't work so well.

All the winter clothes including coats in the dinette booth storage area.
Mama was very pleased with herself until she realized that she forgot to store our blankets in the bags.  She will have to buy another small bag for them. 

The greyhound event in Abilene, KS is later this week.   We are going to see old friends and will be meeting a few people who know us from our blog.  It is going to be fun!

The Greyhound Who Is Excited That He Will Be Among His Own Kind In Abilene

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