Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm Like A Box Of Chocolates... never know what you are going to get.  BOL!   Oh sure, I barked and tried to play with the other dogs today, but when Mama brought me inside the event venue, I was a good boy.  I loved all the activity.

This morning, the folks set out at 7:30 a.m. to visit greyhound farms.  They had a big line of cars and they were supposed to follow each other.  Well, about two cars up from the folks car, that person lost sight of the car in front of him which caused all the other cars to go in the wrong direction.  They turned into an adult book store parking lot and waited until they could get in touch with some one who knew where they were going. BOL!  They got the directions and turned around.  They arrived at the greyhound farm and walked and walked and walked.  They arrived where the greyhounds were having lure training and found that the first part of the group had parked right there!  They only got to see one race.  Mama was disappointed, but at least they got to see one.  They then had to walk all the way back to their cars. They then drove to another greyhound farm.  Mama found the farm tours to be somewhat sad. There are so many dogs there and you know that not all of them will find homes. 

The folks then drove to the Greyhound of Fame.  They didn't tour it since they have done that in the past. They just did shopping in the gift shop.

The folks stocked up on chocolate at Russell Stover's Outlet.

Scout and I participated in a find the Bunny Egg contest.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  Mama and I ran to find the eggs.  I touched then with my nose and Mama put them in our bag.  Scout and Dad walked behind us and only got four.  We got at least 20.  We didn't find the Bunny Egg though. We just found eggs with treats and tootsie rolls.

Waiting for the contest to begin. You can see some eggs in the photo.

Sizing up the competition.

Scout doesn't have her head in the competition.

I had to rest after hunting for eggs.
We are going to show you something really rare.  It is a picture of Mama with us.  She hates to have her photo taken, but she did it today.  I think it is a nice one of the three of us.

Tomorrow there is a class on corns and I am the greyhound who will have his corn removed.  YIKES!  Mama is excited and nervous about it.  She just hopes that I behave myself.  You never know.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Hopes To Be Corn-less Soon

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