Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm Being A Nut In Abilene

Mama says I am being a nut here in Abilene.  I say this is MY VACATION and if I want to be a nut, I can be a nut!  How am I being a nut?  Well, when there are a lot of greyhounds around, it is hard to get noticed, so I bark and play bow at all the other dogs.  It makes me stand out, that is for sure.  It brought a few fellow campers to our site tonight to see who was doing the barking.  BOL!

Today, we stopped at a rest area on our way to Abilene and do you know who was there?  Michelle from Grey Hares On My Sofa.  She recognized Buddy and came over to us while we were walking.  Mama was really surprised to run into her there.

The actual greyhound event starts tomorrow.  We are going to be pretty busy, but it is really nice that we are camping at the event and we can come back and take a break in our camper whenever we feel like it.

I have been told basically that I am fat two times in the past two days.  Should we take a poll as to how many people will say that sort of thing to Mama this weekend?  I am not sure how much longer she can keep her mouth shut to people when they say such a rude thing.  Maybe I need a sign that says my vet says my weight is fine.  We saw a thin white greyhound tonight, so my theory that being white makes me look fat doesn't fly any longer.

The Greyhound Who Is Enjoying His Vacation So Far Even If People Say He Is Fat

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