Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Three Years Ago Today!

Three years ago today we left our stick and brick home and headed out for a life on the road.  Can you believe it has been three years?

Here I am getting ready for take-off.  Look how young I look!  :::snicker:::

Scout is ready. Wow, now she really looks young. 

This was our first night on the road.  We stayed at a park in Alabama.
Our first rig.  It used gas and was 36' long.

We had a decal in the back window that said "Love My Greyhounds".  This is in Florida at the "fanciest" park that we have stayed.  It was near Marco Island.

This was how we had to sleep.

Wow, we really lived in this small of a place?

After our house sold, we decided to buy a different motor home.  Actually, I think we might have a problem because we have been on the road for three years and have had three different rigs.

Our second rig.  It ran on diesel and it was 40' long.

The new rig had a place for our big bed.  We started out with two and then there was one and now they are the outside beds.

We took the divider down and our bed was bigger.
This year, we moved into our new rig.
This one is a diesel and 45' long.
We sure have seen a lot in our travels.

Here we are at Cadillac Ranch.  That was fun!

We have seen the mountains a few times.  This is Lookout Mountain in Colorado.  We can see it from our current campground.

Here I am outside of Graceland.  I loved bouncing to the music here.

We saw this naked lady in the woods.  That was in at a campground in South Memphis.

Mount Rainier

Twin Peaks



We have seen the ocean a few times.
Indiana Sand Dunes, not the ocean.

Gulf Shores, AL
Gulf Shores

Shells at Marco Beach, FL

Fireworks in Anaheim.

Yep, we sure have seen a lot in the past three years.  Dad always tries to find us places to stay that are interesting and different.
Stone Mountain, GA

Alpacas at campground in Sanger, TX.

Relaxing at our site in Arlington, TX.  We loved this park because the employees gave out treats. 

We have attended events.

At pet parade at Escapade - RV rally.

Greyhound event in Abilene, KS

We enjoy traveling!

We have been asked many times "What has been favorite or least favorite place you have visited?"  Well, that is hard to answer.  We seem to find something good in every place. There is always something to see and do.  Sometimes the best places to visit are the ones that are not well known.  

Yep, we love living on the road.  How long will we do it?  We have no idea. We are not ready to quit yet.

Home is wherever we are parked.

The Greyhound Who Loves Having The Whole Country As His Backyard

Monday, April 27, 2015


Last weekend, the folks toured a brewery.  This weekend they toured a candy factory.  They toured Hammond Candies which has been in business since 1920.  Mom didn't think she had ever heard of them, but now she remembers seeing their name on Easter bunnies. 

Mom watched videos of their candy making before she attended the tour.  There are many videos out there, but here is the one they show during the tour, if you are interested.  Hammonds Candy Tour

There is not air conditioning in the candy making area.  It is about 100 degrees.  If you notice, the workers on this shift were all men.  The candy they are lifting is about 70 pounds.

The chefs, as they are called, make the candy from start to finish.  Mom thought that was interesting.

This chef is making candy that will become candy canes.  Approximately 550 candy canes will be made from this batch.

This is another chef working on his candy.

Notice how dark the candy is when it starts out.  It will change to almost white.  You will see that in the following photos.

All done.

A woman from packaging is called in to help with the candy canes.  They must work quickly.

This is packaging.  All the candy is packaged by hand.

 After the tour, visitors are given samples and then they head into the store for some shopping.

Mom bought some hard candies, but Dad wanted chocolate.  This is what they bought.  Yes, he thought Mom would like the Pigs N' Taters.  She hasn't tried it yet.  It has bacon and potato chips.  Mom wanted the sea side caramel. 

The folks enjoyed the tour and yes, the tours are free!

The Greyhound Who Wonders What Tour The Folks Will Take Next Weekend

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