Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bringing Treats To Campgrounds Across America

We were asked by an employee here why we "charge" his golf cart.  He said "Why do they love my golf cart?"  Mom was embarrassed to tell him that we were searching for treats.  She explained that we have stayed at campgrounds where the workers in golf carts carry treats for the dogs.  He said "That is a great idea!"  Today, we saw him and he said "I didn't see you yesterday, is everything okay?"  Mom explained to him that we wanted to walk on the "mountain" even though it was muddy.  Mom told us we needed to stay on the grass, but we didn't.  We ended up getting our paws really muddy.  Scout and I both stopped.  I held up my paw and said "MOM, HELP ME!"  Scout just sat down and refused to move.  Mom cleaned off our paws and told us the only way to get home was to continue walking.  I lost my boot, so we had to find that on the way home.  We finally made it down the "mountain" and then we washed our feet off in the flooded dog walk.  We told the employee all of that and then he handed us treats!  Scout, of course, refused hers.  She is so rude at times.  I ate mine because that is the polite thing to do.  I think our goal should be to have treats given out at all the campgrounds we visit, don't you? 

Dreaming of how all the other dogs will love him because he brought treats to their walks.

This is the dog walk.

Notice how our "mountain" doesn't have snow, but the real mountains do.

We have a nice view when the site next to us is empty. Mom hopes the blue skirting comes off soon on the fifth wheel.

We saw a rainbow last night from our window.

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