Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Have You Heard?

Yep, it is our month!  We wanted to post the YouTube video that Cal, the greyhound, did several years ago, but it is not working.  It is supposed to air on TV this month, but if you want to see it now, just go to YouTube and type in Cal, the greyhound.  It is cute.

I think I would make a good greyhound spokesman. Don't you?

We are getting into our routine here.  Yesterday, we walked up a "mountain".  Dad didn't believe that Scout did it.  Today, she decided to stay behind, but yesterday she did it. We don't have any proof though.

We climbed all the way to the top.
We couldn't wait to see what was at the top of the "mountain".  We were rather disappointed.

Supposedly, there are three miles of trails.  We have to stay on the lookout for rattlers.  We haven't seen any yet. We have seen some big animal foot prints.

Our rig is down there!

There are so many bunnies here!  We saw seven on our walk last night.

There are four bunnies here.

There is a seating area up here.

Mom says we will not be going up there because of the steps.  They are pretty steep.

A little house on wheels!


The view from our windshield.
Mom made BBQ pork steaks last night.  They smelled good.  She said we will be needing a new grill soon.  Ours is falling apart.  It is old.  We are going to get a tabletop one next time.  It will be easier to store and easier for Mom to setup.  We have noticed that most campers seem to be going to that kind.

The Greyhound Who Needs A Nap After His Morning Hike

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