Tuesday, April 7, 2015

We Are Finally Parked For A While (Lots of Photos)

It took us three days to travel from California to Colorado.  The new motor home did great and we arrived without any issues.  We saw some great scenery along the way.  Scout has decided that she hates Arizona due to rocks instead of grass. She started boycotting leaving the motor home.  Once we stopped at a gas station.  Scout looked out the door and said "Nope, I am not going out there until you find me some grass".  She finally emerged from the motor home when we reached our campground in New Mexico, but she still wasn't happy.  There wasn't much grass there, but there was some sand.  Our campground in Colorado has a grassy front yard and she immediately stretched out on the grass and groaned a sigh of relief.  She is happy here.  I like it here too, but I am pretty happy anywhere I go.  I know how to make lemonade out of lemons.  We are happy to be parked for a while. We have been on the go really since we left Alabama on February 16th.  We haven't been in one place longer than a week.  Mom didn't even take the BBQ grill out because she said it was too much trouble.  We really prefer to be parked for a month or so. We will be here until the middle of May.  Yes, the BBQ is out and I hear we will be having BBQ pork steaks for dinner.

Here are some photos from our trip:

Lava field in CA.

We saw this motor home a few times. They have Looney Tune decals on all sides.

This was the dog run at the AZ campground.  It was all rock and not much bigger than our living room. 

This was the campground.  This is a gravel road. Each site has four trees.  I guess that provides shade but it makes it difficult to get into your site.  We did not like this place at all.

A rest area in AZ.

New Mexico

The welcome center in New Mexico.  This is the dog run!!! 

Scout was still a little peeved about the rocks in Arizona.  This run was sand with some rocks.  Mom was thrilled that we had a fenced area to stretch our legs.

Somebody stole all the dog bags. 

Another lava field.  The volcano erupted over 10,000 years ago according to Google.

The campground in New Mexico had bunnies.  It was Easter and I got to see bunnies.

Our site in New Mexico.  You should have seen us getting to this one.  We had to go around lots of curves to get to it.  Dad is getting pretty good handling this monster of a rig.

There was a nice dog run here, but we only got to visit it at night because so many other dogs were using it.
Finally, we made it to Colorado.
Nice view, but we had lots of dead bugs on our windshield.

We faced some pretty big wind gusts.  It was a little scary, but it would have been worse in the old rig.  This rig weighs twice as much as the old one, so it takes a lot to blow us around.  When this rig is closed up, the side toppers are covered completely.  Dad always worried about the wind getting a hold of the side toppers in the old one.  He worried anytime we drove in windy conditions.
Here we are in our current site with our grassy yard.  If we get a neighbor, we will have to share our front yard.  It is a little odd.

We will take more photos of the new place later. We climbed a "mountain" today. Wait until you see all the bunnies here! Fun times ahead!

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