Sunday, April 5, 2015

Final Night Of Fireworks

We have left California and are making our way to Golden, CO. We really didn't have time to do much sightseeing there.  We had to move sites every weekend.  We are looking forward to being in a location for a while.

We are currently in a campground in Williams, AZ.  We would not recommend it because it is all gravel even the dog area.  The dog area is about as big as our living room.  There are prairie dogs and coyote.  We didn't hear the coyote but were told we would.  They planted a lot of trees here.  There are trees on both sides of the sites. I am sure it is nice in the summer but it makes it more difficult to get your rig into the spot the way they have them planted.  The place we wanted to stay was sold out.  If we sound cranky, it could be because our alarm clock decided to spring forward today and got us up at 4.  It is a "smart set" phone and it doesn't know that the spring forward and fall back times were changed several years ago.  Mom should have known something was wrong since she had to wake me up.

Here are the fireworks from Friday night.  Mom got some pictures this time that showed some of the true colors of the fireworks.

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