Friday, April 17, 2015

They Were Wrong

The weather people said we might get a few inches of snow.  The weather apps showed that we would stay in the mid to upper 30's and that we would have an hour of snow and then just rain.  Well, over two days, we ended up with 8" of snow.  Denver is about 15 miles from us and they mainly got rain.  Dad works 3 miles from us and said that they did not have anything on the streets or sidewalks, while our streets were covered.

Our morning walk was strange because we would walk on snow and then sink into water.  It was not fun. I guess it is just hard to predict the weather here.  They were predicting that the mountains would get 1-3 feet.  We are not sure how much they got, but I-70 was shutdown yesterday and today due to accidents.

Since our morning walk was not fun, Mom told us to hibernate until afternoon.  We did.  I slept by the fireplace and Scout took the folks' bed.  She thinks that is her bed. She even started taking treats in there, but Mom doesn't let her anymore because she leaves crumbs behind.  She only sleeps in the bed when there are no humans in the bed.  She is still determining her sleep number.  She seems to like her butt on Dad's side and her head on Mom's side.  Dad is a 50 and Mom is a 35.

This was this morning.  It had started raining and the snow was melting.
This afternoon.
Trying to sleep the snow away.
The elk came out in search of food this afternoon.

See the elk on the hill.  This is near the dog walk.

More elk at the top of the hill.  We estimate there were 60-70.

These photos were all taken in the afternoon.  Our dog walk is flooded.

The Greyhound Who Is Glad We Are Not Staying In The Mountains

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