Monday, April 27, 2015


Last weekend, the folks toured a brewery.  This weekend they toured a candy factory.  They toured Hammond Candies which has been in business since 1920.  Mom didn't think she had ever heard of them, but now she remembers seeing their name on Easter bunnies. 

Mom watched videos of their candy making before she attended the tour.  There are many videos out there, but here is the one they show during the tour, if you are interested.  Hammonds Candy Tour

There is not air conditioning in the candy making area.  It is about 100 degrees.  If you notice, the workers on this shift were all men.  The candy they are lifting is about 70 pounds.

The chefs, as they are called, make the candy from start to finish.  Mom thought that was interesting.

This chef is making candy that will become candy canes.  Approximately 550 candy canes will be made from this batch.

This is another chef working on his candy.

Notice how dark the candy is when it starts out.  It will change to almost white.  You will see that in the following photos.

All done.

A woman from packaging is called in to help with the candy canes.  They must work quickly.

This is packaging.  All the candy is packaged by hand.

 After the tour, visitors are given samples and then they head into the store for some shopping.

Mom bought some hard candies, but Dad wanted chocolate.  This is what they bought.  Yes, he thought Mom would like the Pigs N' Taters.  She hasn't tried it yet.  It has bacon and potato chips.  Mom wanted the sea side caramel. 

The folks enjoyed the tour and yes, the tours are free!

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