Sunday, March 31, 2013

Getting Closer To Denver

We are getting closer to Denver.  We are now in the Mountain Time Zone.  We should be at our campsite in Denver by lunchtime tomorrow.

Today's trip went well.  We had trouble getting our stabilizing jacks to come up again, but it was not operator error this time. Dad says he needs to grease them.  We hope they come up tomorrow and then we will fix them in Denver.  We had more trouble with our braking alarm.  It appears there is a bad connection.  We stopped once because the red light came on which means the Jeeps' brakes were on while we were driving.  We were able to pull off at a gas station, but the Jeep was fine.   We will need to figure out where the bad connection is on the brake alarm system when we get to Denver.  It worked fine with the other motor home. 

There was one funny thing that happened today. We had just pulled out of the campground and we were making a left hand turn to get to the highway. Dad looked in the back up camera and didn't see the Jeep. Mama looked in the camera and said "WHERE'S THE JEEP?"  It turns out that Dad had the signal on and that switches the camera to the side view instead of the back view of the motor home.  BOL!  The Jeep was there, we just couldn't see it.

We saw buffalo today, but no photos as the camera's battery went dead.   We could have seen the world's largest prairie dog, but Dad said we didn't have time to stop.  They also had rattlesnakes and pigs that you could pet according to the signs.  We assume they mean you pet the pigs and not the rattlesnakes.  We saw a rattlesnake in our campsite last year and that was close enough for us.  There were also signs for a Prairie Dog Town.  It may have been the same place.  We are not sure.  We think Prairie Dog Town would have been fun to visit.

There were two bunnies running around the campground this morning.  Scout said maybe it was the Easter Bunny, but I don't think it was. 

Our campground here in Kansas is empty except for one other camper and they put us next to them.  The place is pretty basic.  It is very flat.  The place last night was full of hills.

We hope we don't have any typos in our post. We are tired and it looks fine to us.  BOL!

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