Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Denver Is So Cool!

We left Goodland, KS around 7:30 a.m. yesterday.  Those darn stabilizer jacks caused us problems again. We think we irritated our only neighbor because we had our rig running for a while before we were able to take off.  It was a cold morning.  The windchill was 19.  Brrrr!  

Oh, I did a funny Sunday night.  We were walking in this large field and Mama kept telling us to go poop.  She harps on it sometimes and it is so annoying! I got tired of hearing it.  I went and then I did this new thing where I wipe my feet.  I know, other dogs do that, but it is new for me.  I started wiping my feet and my boot went flying off.  It looked like I had kicked a football it went so far.  It went way over Mama's head.  Mama and Dad started laughing and Dad told Mama to keep her eye on it because it was getting dark and he didn't want us to loose it in the dark.  It was funny!

The campground in Goodland.

Our rig parked next to the only other guest.

Scout loves the cool weather.
I had to bundle up.  Mama and I don't think the heater on the rig works very well.
Cows and a little snow in Colorado.

Oh my gosh!  We are almost to the campground!

We arrived in Denver yesterday around 11 a.m.   Actually, we are in Aurora, CO.  It is the city that had that terrible movie theater shooting last year.

 This campground is great!  It is a Poo Free Park for one thing.  BOL!   This poo bag dispenser is close to our site.  We have learned that using the bags that the parks have is a nice money saver for us.

 There are actually more people here than we expected.  The sites are large though and no one will be next to us.  We found some other sites that we thought were prettier, but this one works fine for us.

Our site for the next few weeks.

Look at all the space!
 You should see all the area to walk.  Mama says I am going to walk my paws off.  Last night, we walked on this path.  We made a left turn on it last night, but it looks like if we turn right, we will go for miles!  We are going to do that either today or tomorrow.

 Mama says I am like an engine.  I just go and go and go.  I don't even sniff.  I am focused on seeing everything around me.

This is a nice site.  The city is just over the hill.

Our rig.
 This morning, we saw about eight deer.  We have not seen any bear or mountain lions.  We don't think we really have to worry about them because we are basically in the city.

We just have to walk over this bridge to get to our rig.
 Scout is very happy here.  She likes the cooler weather.  Scout is like me in that we are always happy when we stay in a new location.  Mama says when we stay longer than a few weeks that I become stubborn on our walks and only want to go the way I want to go. 

This is a great place for us and we are very happy to be in Colorado for the next month.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Denver Is Cool

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