Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Central City And Black Hawk

I forgot to tell you that yesterday when Scout was laying in the sand, that she had sand all over her tongue.  Mama had to rinse it off with water.  BOL!   It was funny!

We also forgot to tell you that yesterday was our one year anniversary of being on the road.  We don't know if it really counts since we went home for six weeks though.  That six weeks at home really messed up our numbers.  BOL!

Our electric never went off yesterday, but Mama spoke to a lady who said that it did go off in several parts of the park.  I guess we were lucky.  It was 80 degrees and our air conditioning was on. Speaking of weather...it is going to snow tonight.  Yep, you read that correctly. Our last night here and it is going to snow.  They said we might get a few inches, but the roads will probably be just wet.  We hope so because we are leaving tomorrow. You don't want to know what Mama said when she heard the weather forecast this morning.  BOL!

The folks drove to Breckenridge, CO on Saturday.  They were disappointed to see that most everything was closed. They ended up eating at a bar in Frisco. 

Burger at Moose Jaw - The burger was really good.  The fries were not.
Going into Eisenhower Tunnel

Inside Eisenhower Tunnel

Central City Parkway

They then drove to Central City and Black Hawk which are located right next to each other and are casino towns.  There are modern casinos as well as old casinos.  The folks played penny slots.  Mama won $15, but Dad said they ended up loosing $6. 

The folks ate at the Ameristar Casino buffet.  They were seated next to two women. They had six plates full of food in front of them.  The waitress asked them where the receipt was for the second person and they became rude and said something about the one woman not eating, just waiting.  Well, whenever the waitress turned her back, the lady jammed food into her mouth.  The waitress saw her, but I guess she didn't want to start trouble.  The lady who didn't pay had a monitoring device on her ankle and maybe that is why the waitress didn't want to do anything about it. 

Scenery along the way.

Waterfall along the highway.
Mama found a free book for Kindle readers today that might be of interest to some of you, especially the other full-time RVers who read our blog.  Here is the link: Dear Bob and Sue  It was free this morning, so please check the price before ordering.  Here is a summary of the book on the Pixel of Ink site:

This complete version of Dear Bob and Sue chronicles the journey of Matt and Karen Smith, who took a mid-career break to travel to all 58 U.S. National Parks. Written as a series of emails to their friends, Bob and Sue, they describe their sense of awe in exploring our national parks, and share humorous and quirky observations. The national parks are among the most stunning places in America – pristine wilderness, geologic wonders, and magnificent wildlife – places everyone should put on their must-see-before-I-die list. Matt and Karen take you along as they visit them all.
Unlike a traditional guidebook, this is one couple’s perspective on the joys and challenges of traveling together. This is a story of discovery and adventure: chased by a grizzly, pushed off the trail by big horn sheep, they even survived a mid-air plane collision. Dear Bob and Sue is the next best thing to visiting all the parks in person.

Mama loves the Pixel of Ink site.  They offer free books every day.

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