Thursday, April 11, 2013

Red Rocks Park

Things are improving here.  We have the slides back out and we have so much room. Scout was so excited that she rode the slide.  That's what we call it when we lay on the couch while the slide goes in or out.  Scout used to be scared of riding the slide when we first started camping.

We were so excited when Mama brought our bed in from the Jeep.  We stored the bed in the Jeep because we didn't have room for it in here.  We thought we could put it on our dinette bed, but we didn't have enough room to make the "jump" for it there.

The bed was a hot commodity last night.  We both wanted it.  Mama surprised us this morning by bringing the other bed in from the Jeep.  It has been out there for almost two months.

Oh, boy, two beds!!!  We are going to put one on the dinette bed when Dad gets home.

Oops!  Maybe the beds are not that great now that we each have one.
The snow basically melted yesterday and it was only 25 degrees.  It is all gone now.

We still do not have fresh water coming into the motor home.  The temperatures are still too cold at night for that.  Mama wanted to do laundry today but found out the sewer hose has ice in it.  She went to the laundromat here and did it.  She is now trying to thaw out the line so that she can dump the tanks because they are getting full.  She drained the water hose when she put it away, but didn't think about the sewer line getting ice in it.  Dad said he didn't think about it either.

Saturday afternoon, the folks drove around after leaving Buffalo Bill's Lookout Mountain.  They came across Red Rocks Park. It is a very pretty place where they hold concerts.  A wedding was taking place while they were there so they couldn't tour everything that is inside.


This is where they hold concerts.  Can you imagine how the sound must be here?

The folks would have liked to have stayed longer, but it was getting late and they needed to get back to us.

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