Friday, April 26, 2013

Clean Up Day

Yesterday, Mama washed our ID collars.  They were looking pretty bad.  Scout's white lettering looked tan.  We hung them outside to dry. You know what that means?  We were NAKED!   We would have put "Naked Day" in our title, but decided we might get some strange responses from spammers.  We are still getting spam from our title "Here We Come" that we wrote last year.  What? We might get spam for just putting it in our post?  I guess we will see.  We only accept comments from registered readers now, so it should be okay.

I'm naked!

It is relaxing to be naked.

Help!  I'm not only naked...I'm headless.  BOL!
This morning, we were given a "bath" with wipes.  That probably should have been done when we had our collars off.  Mama is going to wash our sheets today.  She really is doing these things in the wrong order.  BOL!

We had a pretty sunrise this morning.

We are moving to a new campground on Sunday.  Our time in Denver is winding down.  We would have liked it more if we hadn't received 20" of snow this month. The average amount of snow for April is 9".  I guess we got lucky.  BOL! 

The Greyhound Who Loves Being Naked

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