Monday, April 8, 2013

The West Has Made Me Wild

Yes, it is true, I have been wild here in Denver and that is why you haven't heard from me for a few days.  I have been grounded from the computer.  What did I do?  It wasn't one thing, but a series of things.
  1. I have been so excited about being here that I want to be outside all the time, even at 2 a.m.  Mama does not like when I wake her up in the middle of the night.  She usually gives in to me because she never knows if it is an emergency or me just being a pain.  
  2. On walks, I want to go the way I want to go and if I don't get to go that way, I throw a tantrum.  My tantrum  is always done in front of onlookers.  I jump and then go into a complete turn- twice.  This doesn't sound like much, but according to Mama it is since she has Scout on a leash too.  
  3. I am really getting into this throwing dirt with my back legs after I pee.  The problem occurred when I did this at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning and I kicked Scout and she screamed. We were walking in front of campers that Mama said were probably trying to sleep.  We had to get out of the area fast before they looked out the windows and identified us.
  4. We were walking and we saw Dad come home from work.  We raced to catch up with him.  I was so excited when he got out of the car that I did my tantrum move and that hurt Mama's back.
  5. Mama walked over to the office and when we saw her coming back, we both started barking.  We both got in big trouble for that.  Barking is a big no-no, but it is so much fun!
See, it wasn't really all that bad.

Saturday morning, we took Dad on a walk to show him what he has been missing by working.  Dad showed us some prairie dogs, but we didn't get pictures.  They went underground too fast for photos.

What kind of bird do you think lives here?  We don't know.

Mountains in the background.
Me and Dad on the beach.
Scout loves the water and is getting her tummy wet.

A magpie.  Mama thinks they are cute.

We are supposed to have some bad weather moving in tonight.  They say it may be a blizzard!  We have heard anything from 2" to a foot.  Mama is not happy about walking us in the snow.  She said she will not walk us together because we will be too excited with the snow.  The worse part of the storm will be the temperature.  We have heard that it may get down to 5 degrees tonight, but with the wind, it could be well below zero.  The last update was much better with a low of about 20.  That is not so bad. The concern for us is that our pipes could freeze.  We are taking precautions.  The folks bought a heated hose yesterday, but it is not going to work for us.  The sensor that turns it on goes inside our "basement" and that compartment is heated which means the heater on the hose will not turn on and our hose will freeze.  We have to return it to the store.  Dad is not too upset because he was not happy spending $140 on it.  The plan now is to disconnect our water hose and we will just fill up our tank with water.  Showers will have to be short and no laundry can be done.  It will just be for two days though.  The temperatures tomorrow will be below freezing all day.  We also have some lights near the pipes to keep them warm.  We will keep the motor home warm with space heaters and our furnace.  We have plenty of propane.  It will be a real test though to see how warm we can keep it in here because while it is well insulated, it still is not as good as a house.  The forecast keeps changing and it actually seems to be improving, so hopefully it is not as bad as we once thought.   I guess it is part of the adventure to be in Denver for a blizzard.  BOL!

The folks did a lot of sightseeing on Saturday.  We will talk about that tomorrow.

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