Monday, April 15, 2013

Chatfield State Park

We had a very busy weekend.  We had planned on moving on Sunday to our new campground, but we didn't have reservations for Sunday because they couldn't be made online.  Mama thought that was the only way to make them.  She was able to make them after Sunday because winter camping ends on April 15th.  The plan was for us to take our chances on Sunday and hope we could find a spot.  Well, Mama found a number for the campground and called them. They told her they were sold out.  That presented a problem since Dad had to work on Monday.  He said he would come home and move us and then go back.  Mama was able to keep our spot at the current campground for Sunday.  Yesterday, the folks decided to visit the new park so that they knew the best route to take the motor home.  They arrived and found the place almost empty and our spot was empty. (The man Mama had spoken to on the phone was confused with the reservations system and he probably thought they were sold out.)  It was at 3 p.m., but the folks decided to rush home and pack up and move to the new park.   We arrived at our new campground around 5 p.m.  

Can you see the hills in the background?

The campground is very spacious. 
 We do not have neighbors on any side of us.  We are right across from the bath house and laundry.  Mama said that might be good because we are getting more snow and cold temperatures this week.   We will have to pull our slides in tonight. :-(   We had water problems this morning.  Dad took his shower, but there was no water when Mama was ready for her shower.  She went outside to check out the problem.  The hosts were outside and told Mama that the water was on.  They checked our site and found that the water froze in their pipe.  They were able to get it running and Mama filled up our water tank.  Dad figured out a way to get our heated hose to work, but if their pipe freezes, then it probably won't work for us.  Another man came by and said he didn't have water either.  It is supposed to get up to 40 today, but the next two days will not be so nice.   The hosts are very nice and have checked on us a few times this morning.  They told Mama if we need anything to just let them know.

 We took a walk this morning, in the snow.  We discovered a log cabin.  We don't know the history because the information sign was blank.  A wagon is out front.

 I stick my tongue out in the cold.

 Cacti grows on the roof of the cabin.  Very interesting to Mama, not so much to us.

While we were walking this morning, we saw some sort of animal legs coming towards us from the woods.  Mama thought it was a wolf or a coyote.  She got scared.  It turned out it was two dogs and they were both on leashes.  Mama is so paranoid.  BOL!  I bet she gets the bear bell out that she bought before we leave this place.  The only wildlife we have seen are bunnies and there are a lot of them.

The folks visited Dinosaur Ridge on Saturday.  We will tell you about that tomorrow since this post is getting long.

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