Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Discoveries

It is a beautiful day here in Denver.  It is a clear and sunny day.  We are able to see the mountains from our campsite today.  We didn't even know they were there until now.

Yesterday, we were walking along and Mama yelled "STOP!".   We thought maybe she saw a bear, so we looked around. She said, " Watch your step."   I thought maybe it was a snake or goose poo.  There is goose poo everywhere. No, it wasn't that.  It was a cactus.  Yep, a cactus.  We didn't know they were in the field next to our site.

Yep, this would hurt if we stepped on it.
Yesterday afternoon, we took a nice walk near the lake.  We met a lady who has a whippet. The whippet is in California.  The lady is wanting to adopt a greyhound, so she was happy to meet us.  She had a lot of questions.  Mama is always happy to talk to people about greyhounds.

This morning, we took off for a walk around the lake again, but this time we went a different way.  Mama laughed when she saw a lady who had a big winter coat and gloves on and Mama was not even wearing a coat.  It was funny in Texas because there was a Florida couple there who looked like they were dressed for skiing when they walked around.  The funny thing was there was a man from Canada there and he would go shirtless while the Florida couple were all bundled up.  Okay, so back to our walk today. It was quite pretty.  We had a view of the mountains while walking on the beach.  You don't believe us?  Well, take a look.

Beach and mountains in one photo.  Cool!

Scout loves it here. She is loving the weather.  I like it too.  However, the first day here I had problems with my ears popping.  I am doing fine now.

We are going to take a different route after lunch today.  There are so many places to walk here.  We love it!

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