Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Meltdown and Dinosaur Ridge

There was a meltdown here yesterday and we are not talking about snow.  It was Mama!   Mama brought the slides in yesterday because it was snowing hard and we didn't want the weight of the snow to hurt our awnings.  We then put on our collars and leashes to go outside.  The door wouldn't open.  Mama worked with the locks and nothing.  She banged and banged on the door and it wouldn't budge.  We called Dad, but he didn't answer.  She texted him, but no response.  This was at 3 p.m. and it was possible that he wouldn't get home until after 7 p.m.  We had business to do outside, so we were crying.  Mama started crying.  She melted down.  She opened the window and yelled for help, but no one heard her.  There is an emergency exit through a window.  We looked at it and decided it wasn't a true emergency.  Mama didn't want to jump from the window.  Dad finally called back and she told him that she thought the door was jammed because the motor home didn't feel level since she brought the slides in.  She couldn't figure out how to level it because the buttons were not working.  He told her to turn the key to the left and the buttons lit up.  He told her what button to push and then the door flew open.  Crisis over!   Dad didn't understand why Mama was so freaked out, but we understood.  It is not fun being locked in a place and not being able to get out.  Mama's arm and leg are bruised from hitting the door.

Saturday the folks visited Dinosaur Ridge.  This is a place where you can see actual dinosaur tracks and bones.  Mama is really not into dinosaurs because it is hard for her to imagine that they once roamed earth.  However, this place makes it easier to imagine.  Guests and either walk the 1.5 mile trail or take a guided tour for $5.  The folks chose to take the guided tour.  Mama said she learned much more by having a tour guide than walking it on her own. The tour guide was very good at involving the children on the tour, but the tour talk was really geared towards adults.  The kids knew a lot more about dinosaur than Mama.

Ripples that show that the area was once underwater.

Pretty view along the tour.

Another nice view.
This is wear the dinosaur tracks are.
 This area was once flat, but due to changes in the earth, it is now a hillside.  There are tracks all over this hill.  The hill is falling apart and they are trying to save it.  They want to put a roof over it to preserve it, but the state is unable to agree on a design and they need $3 million to build it.

A little better photo of the tracks.

Kids are allowed to climb on the hill to a certain height.

There is  now a gate that closes the road at night because there was a theft of some of the tracks.  People would come and chisel them out at night.  Very sad that people have to destroy things.

It is really hard to get decent photos of the tracks, but in person, you can really see them.  It is pretty amazing.  Mama didn't take any photos of the bones because even in person she had trouble seeing them.  LOL  

Dinosaur Ridge is a great place to take kids that are interested in dinosaurs.  There is a lot for them to do.  The gift shop had some tennis shoes that the folks thought were really neat.  The soles of the shoes have a big dinosaur footprint on it so when kids walk, they leave a dinosaur footprint.  Cute!

Mama has updated her restaurant blog.  Table Mountain Inn has some interesting photos - fire at the table side.  BOL!

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