Monday, April 22, 2013

Waiting For The Snow

It is a beautiful day so far, but it is supposed to change by afternoon.  We are getting more snow later today.  Dad says we will have to bring the slides in.  We are not happy about that.  The snow will probably be gone by tomorrow afternoon though and we hope that is the last of the snow for us. 

How can it snow when it looks this nice?

We took an hour long walk this morning.  We walked over 6,000 steps according to Mama's pedometer. We have four legs though, so doesn't that mean we walked 12,000 steps?

The folks planned on visiting Unsinkable Molly Brown's House on Saturday.  They couldn't find a parking spot though.  They didn't realize that the 420 Rally was being held nearby, but they soon figured it out.  The 420 Rally is a marijuana celebration, or something like that.  There ended up being shootings there late in the day.

Yesterday, the folks went grocery shopping. They normally go on Friday nights, but Dad didn't get home until late.  Dad said they will never again go on a Sunday because the store was crowded  They also went to Camping World for the fourth time since we have been here.  They returned that $140 hose that they can't use here since we can't hook up to water if it below freezing even with a heated hose.  We will be out of cold weather soon and if we need one next year, we will buy one then. 

After all the shopping was done, we got to go for a ride.  We wanted to visit another state park that is nearby, but they said NO DOGS ALLOWED.  There is wildlife in the park, so we can't go in.  The folk took us back to this park and we took a walk along the river.  It was nice to ride in the Jeep and to see another area of this park. 

Mama is going to take us to see the prairie dogs later this week. They have a "town" just down the street from us.  Dad thinks we will like them better than the bunnies.  Scout and I don't try to get at the bunnies.  We just stare at them.  I think we will just stare at the prairie dogs, too.

The Greyhound Who Is Dreading The Snow

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