Thursday, April 25, 2013

Prairie Dogs!

Yesterday, we took a very long walk so that we could see the prairie dogs.  Dad was right, prairie dogs are more interesting than bunnies.  We were amazed by the noises they made.  We also loved sniffing around their homes.  We didn't get any actual pictures of them since they were pretty far away and our camera is not that good.  We did take a video and you can hear them.

 Our is not very exciting.

Here we are listening.  We really wanted to go in the field and visit them.

This is the field where the prairie dogs live.

On our way home, we passed some geese.  We have been careful to stay clear of them.

Can you see our motor home?


There's our home!

The snow is gone today.  It took it longer to disappear than expected since it was still snowing until about 11 a.m. on Tuesday.  We were able to hook up to water for the day yesterday, but we disconnected last night.  Today, we are hooked up again and it looks like we can stay that way for the remainder of our stay here.  Life has returned to normal for us.

 Now that the weather is nice again, we are taking long walks.  We usually take two one hour walks each day.  I think we could go longer, but Scout just isn't up for it.  Mama was a little nervous that we went too far today, but we made it back okay. We met some people on the trail and Scout was able to rest up before we continued on. Scout has always been one that wears out fast, but since she is almost a senior, Mama doesn't want to push her too far.

The campground is sold out again for this weekend.  People will probably start arriving today.  We kind of like the excitement of having other people around, but it is also nice to have the place to ourselves.

The Greyhound Who Is Happy That The Snow Is Gone

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