Friday, April 12, 2013

Kindness Of Neighbors

We took a nice long walk on the beach and we were going to focus our post on that today, but we just had to mention the surprise we received from our neighbors when we returned from our walk.   Our neighbors are leaving today and when we walked past their fifth wheel, the lady asked if we were going to be here for a while. Mama said we are here until Sunday and then we move to another park.  She said that they are putting their fifth wheel in storage and headed to Canada for the next ten months.  She said that she had a lot of food left over and she wondered if we wanted it.  Her mother was supposed to stay in the fifth wheel with the kids this week while she and her husband attended a meeting elsewhere.  Her mother was scared to stay here during the snow, so she and the kids stayed elsewhere and that is why they have so much food left.  Mama kept asking her if she was sure and she said she was going to have to trash it since they are flying today.   Mama told her to bring it over and we were shocked by how much they brought us and the funny thing was that it kept coming after the first batch, so not everything is in the photo.  It was hard to get a decent photo of the food with all our junk on the counter, but here it is.

There is a bag of apples, a bag of potatoes, bread, pizza crusts, a pizza, eggs, turkey bacon, yogurt, bags of frozen peaches, frozen pineapples and frozen raspberries, big bag of cheese, tomatoes, peppers, hummus, avocados and poppy seed grapefruit dressing.  The little girl was very proud to tell us that the dressing came from Maryland.

Wasn't that nice of them?  Mama only talked to them once the other day.  They were having trouble with their water.  She said they have been full-timers for six years.  They have four kids and they home school them.  They spend their winters in Breckenridge, CO with other home schooling families.  Her husband is working in Canada for ten months, so they are putting their RV in storage and living in an apartment there.  Mama is stilling smiling about the kindness of these people and will have to re-adjust her grocery list now that we were given so much food.

Okay, so back to our walk.  It was full of deer, squirrels and sand.

There is a herd of deer that live in the park.  Mama counted 18 one day.


We are on full alert.  See him by the tree?

Admiring the scenery.

See, I am always on alert.

Another squirrel
Scout needed a power nap.  She fell asleep like this.

I almost feel asleep waiting for Scout.

Another power nap.

We thought we might have to leave her there and bring the wagon back to get her.  BOL!
It has been a great day so far.  We have our water hooked up again.  We had a very long walk and we met some very nice people.

The Greyhound Who Thinks RVing People Are Great!

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