Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Final Stop In Denver

We left Chatfield State Park yesterday.  We liked the park because we had privacy at our site.  There was really only one trail that was easy for us to get to and we walked it every day.  It went by the log cabin. 

Hot air balloons preparing to take off.  Picture was taken from inside our motor home
 We packed up and left yesterday and headed to our final destination in Denver.  It was a short trip.  We are back at Cherry Creek State Park. This is the park that has the beach.  We like the walking area better here because of the beach, but there is not quite as much privacy.  The sites are large, but not as many trees to hide us.  There are trees here, but they do not have their leaves yet.  The trees at Chatfield are mainly cedar trees and pine trees.  This park is located in town and close to Dad's work.  Chatfield is about 30 miles from Dad's work and it is not as close to town.

There are signs up all over the campground saying that the electric would be turned off from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. today.  We decided to head out for a walk since it might be boring at home.  We went to the beach.

Scout relaxes at the beach.

I am on full alert and wanting to move.

Scout prefers to lay in the sand.

 We let Scout rest forever and it was boring!  We would start walking and Scout would flop down on the sand.  Mama said we needed to let her enjoy it because she is not going to be happy in Dallas.  She is already having a fit if it gets over 70 degrees here.  Mama says it is hard having two hounds who are so opposite when it comes to walking.  She said it would be nice if we were the same, but if she had a choice, she would choose two Scouts over two Joeys.  She said she couldn't handle two Joeys.  Can you believe that?  I'm fun!  Scout is like a sloth. 

The electric is still on.  Does that mean they are not turning it off?  We hope if they do it, they do it soon.  It is going to be near 80 today and that will make it hot inside without air conditioning.

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