Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Great Escape

We published this earlier today, but then took it down and wrote another post about the weather. We are ready for the world to hear about "My Great Escape" now.

It sure is cold here.  Last night, we decided to bring the slides in for a number of reasons.  The wind was very high and it was making us rock and with the slides in, we don't move as much.  We were concerned that the slide awnings might rip or be damaged by the heavy snow that was predicted.  We also felt having the slides in would make it easier to keep the motor home warm.   The heavy snow really didn't come.  We have a few inches and they are saying we may get 4.5" when it is all over with tonight.  However, it is very cold with the wind. It will not get above 20 today and that is without the windchill.  It is -8 with the wind. Brrrr! 

This is how crowded it is with the slides in.  It is messy, but no cleaning today because there is no room to clean.

This morning, Mama dressed in her boots, hat, winter coat and gloves.  I was surprised when she put me in a coat.  She said I needed to wear it because it was so cold.  It sure was cold.  I refused to do all my business which Mama wasn't happy about because I didn't do it last night either.  She thought for sure I would get her up in the middle of the night, but I didn't.  We came back to the motor home and then Scout had to get dressed for her walk.  Yes, even Scout wore a coat. You know it is cold when Scout puts a coat on.

Okay, so now we come to my great escape. Mama said I shouldn't tell everyone because it makes her look like a bad Mama. Anyone who owns a greyhound knows that we have to be watched because we can bolt. Yes, we like to run and we can reach 45 mph in just four strides or at least that is what we have been told.  Mama is always very careful because she knows if we bolt, we may not come back.  She is especially careful with me because I am a wild child.   Okay, so while she was slowly taking Scout down the steps because they were slick, I ran down the steps and I was FREE. Mama had the car keys in her hands because she was going to start the car for Dad.  She tossed them while she was trying to catch me.  Dad later found them ten feet away.  Great toss, Mama.  BOL!   I ran and ran.  I heard Mama screaming for me.  I bet she woke everyone up.  Dad has just gotten out of the shower so even though Mama was screaming, he couldn't help.  Scout refused to go back inside the motor home because she was watching my great escape.  Mama said she lost track of me.  She thought I was gone for good.  I then zoomed back around and played a game of tag with Mama. Mama did everything wrong when it comes to an escaped greyhound.  She yelled and chased.  I finally ran to her and she put me back in the motor home. She said she is shocked that I came back.  Heck, it was cold out there.  I just wanted to have a good run.  Mama took Scout for her walk and then came back to find blood every where.  I cut myself on brush.  I have cuts on my feet and leg.  She cleaned me up and put medicine on me that is supposed to prevent an infection.  I didn't get yelled out because she was so happy I was okay.   It was fun, but I wish I wouldn't have gotten cut up.  I plan on spending most of the day inside where it is warm.  I have a feeling that Mama is not going to let me get near a door unless she has me leashed and the leash wrapped around her hand.

See, I am fine.  I am resting after my big run.
The Greyhound Who Went On His Own Adventure

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