Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Me And You And The Greyhounds, Too

Do you remember the song called Me And You And A Dog Named Boo?  Mama sings it to me all the time. She's strange. Now, she has started singing her own version.  However, she has only changed a few things on it.  I guess she is not very talented. She has been trying to put the pigman in it, but for now, we just sing the third verse

Third verse:

 I'll never forget the day
We motored into Houston. (definitely doesn't fit, but we haven't been to L.A. like the song says)
The lights of the city are settlin'
Down in my brain
Though it's only been a month or so
That old motor home is buggin' us to go
We've gotta get away and get back on
The road again

Me and you and the greyhounds, too
Travellin' and livin' off the land
Me and you and the greyhounds,too
How I love being free!

We recently joined an RV club called Escapees.  They have get togethers, classes, offer discounts, etc. They send out a bi-monthly magazine called Escapees, Sharing the RV Lifestyle In the May/June magazine there there was an article that Mama said summed up how we feel.  Here is just part of it.

"Those of us who choose the RV lifestyle feel a house is only a gilded cage surrounded by a fence and filled with as much stuff as we can afford. For some of us, the size of the home doesn't matter as long as it is on wheels. It provides with with security we need plus the ability to see new places, make new friends and discover how people in different places live.  

Boxer (this was a pet mouse that the article talked about) was safe, petted and well fed in his cage.  Yet as soon as he was given a chance to roam free, he never came back to that security.  The same can be said of many who choose the full-time RV lifestyle. A taste of  freedom is all it takes for some of us.

Because we don't all enjoy the same things, sometimes it is difficult to understand loved ones whose choices are different, but that should not keep us from applauding the accomplishments we each have made.  We must care about and support people for who they are--not who we wish they were. No amount of either security or freedom will cure the ache in your heart if you live your life the way someone else thinks you should."

The Greyhound Who Is Ready To Be Back On The Road Again

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