Friday, November 2, 2012

Just A Few More Days....

....and Dad will be home.  Mama said we will really be busy when he gets home.  We need to do a lot of house repairs before we can list our house. We have vehicles to sell. The folks have to visit the doctor and visit relatives.  It's going to be crazy!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes.  My day was nice.  Mama left us in the morning to go to the library sale.  She arrived three minutes after it started and it was shoulder to shoulder people.  She said people were pushing boxes of books around with their feet.  It was really hard to look, but she did find a treasure.  One of her goals for this winter was to learn Spanish.  Well, she found two learning Spanish sets. They include cassette tapes and books.  She couldn't remember if she still had a cassette player, but for $1 total, she couldn't pass it up.  There was a German one too, but she didn't get it and she probably should have.  It was gone when she turned around.  She was happy when she checked the motor home and found that it does have a cassette player as well as a CD player.  It looks like we will all be learning Spanish this winter.  Have you seen the car commercial with two guys who put a Spanish learning CD in the player and after hours and hours on the road, they finally stop for gas and they are speaking Spanish?  We could be like them when we arrive in Houston.  LOL   Okay, back to my birthday.  I spent the afternoon lounging on the couch.  Then, at 4 p.m., Mama announced we were going to Pizza Hut!  The ride was great!  I had a few pizza bones, but the ride was the best.  I ended my evening by chewing on some bully sticks.  Yep, it was a good day.

The Greyhound Who Is Resting After His Birthday

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