Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Learning The Ropes Here

We are really liking the RV park, so far.  The only thing we are not thrilled about is the walking area for us, but it's not terrible.  We really like the large dog run.  However, most people are not cleaning up after their dogs even though they are supposed to do so.  They have really good bags right there according to Mama and the dumpster is just outside of it.  Supposedly, if you get caught not cleaning up after your dog, you will be fined or kicked out of the park. 

Scout looking at Christmas decorations.

Us walking yesterday around the resort.

Palm trees in the fog.
The lounge/exercise room.

Mama is thrilled that they have a popcorn machine.  They also have free coffee.  There is a computer room, books to read and movies to watch.

This is the laundry room.  A card is used instead of change.  Mama thinks she likes that better. Wash time is only 15 minutes.

Mama is thrilled that we can have our mail sent here instead of going to the post office. She ordered a foldable wagon yesterday that she has been wanting to help her on laundry days. It was on sale at Camping World. She then found out that we can rent golf carts here for $6 a day, but we won't be here forever, so she still needs the wagon.  The place in Illinois charged $60 a day to rent their golf carts.  She did laundry today and she struggled to get it there.  She almost broke down and rented the golf cart.

Yesterday, we organized the motor home.  Mama still needs to organize the baskets underneath the bathroom sink.  It feels nice and homey in here. 

These are the things that Mama kept and put in the curio cabinet here.

Last night, the folks went to Walmart to buy groceries.  However, the Walmart they went to was not a super center, so they had to go to a grocery store called Randall's.  Mama wasn't happy because the prices were higher and she had trouble finding things on her Emeals list, but she got it done.  They took a wrong turn coming home and had to backtrack.  Mama was a little nervous because the power cord on the GPS broke yesterday and she didn't know how much battery life they had left.  The GPS said "you have arrived" and they hadn't.  Luckily, they remembered what street to take.  We still think the roads around here are confusing, but Mama said we will learn our way around this weekend.

Oh, guess what?  We had a showing at our house on Sunday and today, they are coming back to look at it again!  It's the neighbors that showed interest in it before we left.  It would be wonderful if we can work out a deal with them.   We are hopeful, but guarded right now.

Mama started a new blog for her restaurants reviews.  It's called That One Restaurant.

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