Friday, November 16, 2012

My Gift From Jamaica

Okay, it's really Mama's gift, but I LOVE it!   Dad wanted to get Mama something special in Jamaica. A nice lady that he worked with there helped him and he decided to commission a greyhound sculpture.  The sculptor had never seen a greyhound before.  Dad found a picture of a bronze statue and gave it to him.   The statue is carved from wood.  It came out a lot bigger than Dad imagined.  BOL!  It's not huge, but when you are living in an RV, we strive for compact things.

Dad said the statue caused a little attention when he went through customs. An agent asked him if he had a dog in his luggage. She asked if it was a basset hound.  BOL!

Mama calls the greyhound a Jamaican Greyhound Puppy because he doesn't "exactly" look like us.  We love him and we want to thank the nice lady who helped Daddy get him.  She is now a reader of our blog!

Are you ready to see him?

Put him down, Mama.

I like to sniff his butt.

I slobber on his nose.

I sniff his ears.

He is cool!

I bet the sculptor will always remember making this statue for us!

The Greyhound Who Is Happy That "Jamie" Is Going On The Huge Adventure With Us

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