Monday, July 5, 2010

We Are Keeping Mama On Her Toes

I gave Mama quite a scare last night. Scout was running laps in the yard and I just ran a small lap and started limping and crying. Mama checked out my foot and couldn't find anything wrong. I was able to run through the house fine, but once I laid down, I had trouble getting back up. Mama was really worried about me, but hoped I would be fine by morning. At 3 a.m., I let out a huge scream. Mama got me up and again I was fine walking around. She slept in the living room with me. Daddy and Mama checked me over and rubbed me every where, but nothing bothered me. Mama realized the aspirin that we have expired two years ago, so she went to town to buy me some. When she came back home, I celebrated by running through the house and playing with a toy. She said I looked a lot better. I'm feeling better. She said I need to take it easy though. I'm taking her advice and resting on the BIG bed. I hope I keep feeling better because if I don't I will have to visit the doctor.

Scout got in trouble this morning. Mama woke up to see Scout pulling off little pieces of the wall above her bed. She has done this before and Daddy had to fix it. We don't know why she does it. Does she lay in her bed and see something she can pull on and then she gets carried away with it? We don't know. She does some strange things. It's like she walks all the way around the table to get to the food dish. She could walk directly to it, but no, she has to walk all around the table to get to it. She's an odd one.

The Greyhound Who Is On Bed Rest Today

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