Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Feel Good!

After laying around for two days, I am all better. I am back to doing spins, running, jumping and goosing Mama. Daddy was out of town on business this week and every night Mama would update him on my progress. I heard her tell Daddy that she knows I'm fine because I ran from the yard, through the garage and jumped all three steps and then proceeded to jump on the bed in 5 seconds flat. I feel good!

Last night we were anxiously awaiting Daddy's return home when our electric went out. Mama waited five minutes and then called the electric company. You see, we live in a rural area and there are only seven houses on our road. If you don't call and let them know there is a problem right away, well that just delays having it fixed. Mama then called Daddy and told him the electric was out. He said he was about ten minutes from home. After 30 minutes, Daddy was still not home. Mama called him again and he said he was at the end of our road and a tree had fallen on the electric line. The electric guy was already there, so it should be back on soon.

Scout was freaking out because her ceiling fan was not working. She thinks she can't breathe without a ceiling fan running. I thought it was hot too, but Mama said it was only 79 in the house. We then had to hear how some dogs live outside and don't have air conditioning. We hear how lucky we are all the time.

Daddy finally got home, but we still did not have electric. We greeted him, but had to control ourselves because it was so hot. Daddy has always told us that if the electric goes out, we can go to the motor home and use the generator. Did we do that? No! Daddy kept saying that it would be back on soon, so we could just wait in the house.

We waited and waited. Mama and Daddy sat out on the deck and it was nice outside. I don't sit outside unless I have the sun on me. The electric finally came back on after being off three and half hours. We were so happy to have our air conditioning, ceiling fans and TV again. We don't like roughing it at all.

Life is back to normal today. We have electric, Daddy's home and I'm feeling good. Life is good!

The Greyhound Who Likes Living In a World With Electricity

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