Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's Milking It?

Mama told me this morning that she thinks I'm milking my injury. She told me that she wants me to stay quiet and so that is what I'm doing. She made me an egg for breakfast, but I didn't come in the kitchen to eat it. She brought it to me and since I'm supposed to stay quiet, I barely lifted my head to eat it. She said "Oh, poor Jack, are you going to be okay?" Of course I'm going to be okay. I'm just staying quiet. Daddy told her that I like being babied and I'm milking it. Mama didn't believe him until I got caught. Mama went outside to feed the birds and I thought she would be gone longer than she was. I was caught dancing around the living room. Oops! I immediately went back to bed and stayed there for the next 7 hours, but I think Mama is on to me.


End of March - More Condo Updates

 March has been very nice here weatherwise.  We have had many beautiful days!  We survived spring break.  It wasn't crazy with college...